toy box killer

V.20 No.41 | 10/13/2011


The Daily Word in Van Gogh, Burlington Coat Factory and the Toy Box Killer.

The Daily Word

Maybe Van Gogh didn’t kill himself.

There was a naked man in Burlington Coat Factory.

Racer Dan Wheldon died in a 15-car pile up.

Cards go to the World Series.

Here’s that McDonald’s beating.

Sesame Street’s Youtube channel was hacked and filled with porn.

Most complete. Dinosaur skeleton. Ever.

You can forget about watching Tower Heist at home for a few more months.

Here’s the latest in comic book news.

Carve this cool Jackolantern.

Ha ha. Dog gets firecracker.

Here are 12 really weird places.

Does it look like these stars are moving?

Learn all about poop.

Guess who I saw today?

Look at all these weird birthday cakes.

A home invader tried to smother a woman with a pillow.

The FBI released photos of “Toy Box Killer” stuff.

A guy pulled a gun on Walmart security.

Happy birthday, Margot Kidder. (Warning: this clip may induce nausea.)

Thanks to Tom Nayder for the help.