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V.22 No.14 | 4/4/2013


Lobos Lose Steve Alford to UCLA Bruins

For how long shall we weep?

By Michael Sanchez [ Mon Apr 1 2013 12:58 PM ]

The news started pouring in on Saturday morning, first broken by Andy Katz via Twitter. The University of New Mexico men's basketball head coach Steve Alford will resign his job at UNM to take the reins at UCLA. Andy Katz, for those who might not remember, has a history in Albuquerque and seems like a natural voice to break this sort of news. Alford had, merely days before, signed a contract extension with UNM, furthering his time in Albuquerque by a decade. As the rumors flew back and forth regarding buyouts, betrayal and hurt feelings all around, both UCLA and UNM moved quickly to offer their official statements. Alford held a noontime press conference to get his side of the story out and it became official.

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V.21 No.46 | 11/15/2012


Beyond a shadow of a doubt

By Samantha Anne Carrillo [ Tue Nov 20 2012 1:23 PM ]

Since its controversial release and subsequent rapid removal, No Doubt’s racist comeback video, “Looking Hot,” has engendered both indictments and shrugs. Marisa Demarco explains why perpetuating racist stereotypes and sexually violent themes in a pop music video matters in Plenty of Doubt.

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Aural Fixation

Plenty of Doubt

Racist video mars old band's return to relevance

By Marisa Demarco
Marisa Demarco meditates on the many reasons why No Doubt’s “Looking Hot” video is racist and highly offensive.

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