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V.21 No.48 |


The Daily Word in Lindsey Graham, methadone at MDC, The Farm, and the unicorn's lair

By Geoffrey Plant [ Sat Dec 1 2012 10:36 AM ]
In the news: methadone treatment program, The Albuquerque Journal bought the Rio Rancho Observer, What is the Journal publisher thinking, Rio Grande Zoo, aircraft carrier style, a house in the middle of the road, A utility pole materialized, When I Say Jesus, You Say Die, grow a mustache, Christian Slater's vote rejected, Argentina's infamous "Death Flights", Stephen Gaskin's commune The Farm, American midwifery, a unicorn and it's lair, World AIDS Day, modern conveniences, Guantanamo prisoners don't want to steal our cars, a vampire, Musee d'Orsay

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V.21 No.5 | 2/2/2012


Found on Santa Fe Craigslist: “Unique Unicorn Mirror” ($30, must drive to Taos for pickup)

By Laura Marrich [ Thu Jan 26 2012 5:16 PM ]

“Ready for hanging,” enthuses the seller. Look closely and you’ll see the soul of the former owner trapped inside!

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V.20 No.49 |


The Daily Word in England turning into a pygmy, Bill Richardson grand jury investigation, ridiculous bank fees and another pumping party tragedy

By Geoffrey Plant [ Sun Dec 11 2011 11:37 AM ]
In the news: Bill Richardson, Sandia Peak Ski Area, fees, giant men, The man died, insane fast food, really pissing off, and some Brits, Just great!, rotary telephones,, 24 hours long loop, unexpected consequences, Who among us doesn't wager $10K at a time, Find out why, Meth lab in a bag, declared war

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V.20 No.16 | 4/21/2011

Aural Fixation

Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows

By Jessica Cassyle Carr
In a world of nuclear meltdowns, political deception and never-ending piles of laundry, most of us could use a little fantasy. With a frilly and fanciful spirit, the Weekly Alibi’s Group Hug created the Spring Socialan evening of treats, mirror balls, balloons, flowers, unicorn horns and shimmery sounds. You’re invited.
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V.20 No.15 | 4/14/2011
Monster Paws “Ray of Light”

Group Hug

Alibi Spring Social

By Marisa Demarco [ Tue Apr 12 2011 1:00 PM ]

It’s that time again. Love and all her related allergens are in the air. Unicorns mate in the streets.

Yes, it’s springtime in Albuquerque. Gather, bosom buddies, on Friday, April 22, for a dance party at the Launchpad. There will be frosty treats from Ecco Gelato, organic deli from Make My Lunch and donuts from Donut Mart.

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V.20 No.13 | 3/31/2011
“Ray of Light” by Monster Paws


New Monster Paws video

By Jessica Cassyle Carr [ Mon Mar 28 2011 1:25 PM ]

Burque electro pop group Monster Paws made a slick new video for its song “Ray of Light.” It depicts a group of hipsters running and frolicking in the sunshine (I hope they put sun block on that beautiful, youthful skin), until an apocalypse happens and transports them to outer space.

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V.19 No.14 |
This crappy, crooked Photobooth shot proves my Jamaican whereabouts.
This crappy, crooked Photobooth shot proves my Jamaican whereabouts.


A Recordless Record of Treasure Beach, Jamaica

By Jessica Cassyle Carr [ Fri Apr 9 2010 11:53 AM ]

Greetings everyone out there in Alibiland. This week I've found myself on honeymoon in the southwestern corner of Jamaica. It's warm and very windy here, much like New Mexico is at times, but with a bonus blue ocean.

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