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V.26 No.17 | 4/27/2017
News City
Robert Maestas


By Joshua Lee

Legislature Suing Martinez Over Vetoes

Legislature files lawsuit over vetos, people rally to support science and CNM Ingenuity gets $2M grant.
V.26 No.15 | 4/13/2017

Event Horizon

This week in the youth of america, bacon, lolz and Western swing

[ Wed Apr 12 2017 10:12 AM ]
Things to do April 13-19.
V.26 No.14 | 4/6/2017

Event Horizon

This week in flying like they used to, alternate universes, flags, the Laotian new year and more

[ Wed Apr 5 2017 12:06 PM ]
Things to do April 6-12.
V.26 No.13 | 3/30/2017
News City
Robert Maestas


By Joshua Lee

Hiring Freeze Enacted For Most State Jobs

Governor orders hiring freeze, Johnson Center getting expanded and Skandera not selected for Education Department.

This Week’s Event Horizon in Handling Wildlife, Fart Fest, an Organ’s Birthday and More

[ Wed Mar 29 2017 10:55 AM ]
Things to do March 30-April 5.
V.26 No.12 | 3/23/2017

This Week’s Event Horizon in t-rex’s, ridin’ derby, eating meatballs and more

[ Mon Mar 27 2017 12:47 PM ]
Things to do March 23-29.
V.26 No.9 | 03/02/2017

The Daily Word in Politics and Technology

By Taylor Grabowsky [ Thu Mar 2 2017 1:13 PM ]
The Daily Word

Sessions and Russia sitting in a tree. Attorney General Jeff Sessions lied under oath about meeting with a Russian Ambassador.

French presidential candidate and leader of the far-right, Marine Le Pen, could face jail time and a large fine for tweeting a violent image.

UNM is working on a 3D bio printer that could eventually print out material to use for bone and human tissue.

V.26 No.9 | 3/2/2017


This Week in Event Horizon: Teens creating themselves, heating things up and honoring the women of the world

March 2-8, 2017

[ Wed Mar 1 2017 4:36 PM ]
Stuff to do! The 29th National Fiery Foods and Barbecue Show; Teen Tech Week; Eat, Drink and Be Charitable; and the International Women's Day March and Rally.
V.26 No.7 | 02/16/2017

Event Horizon

Kung Fu Buddhists

Friday, Feb 24: Shaolin Warriors: The Legend Continues

By Taylor Grabowsky [ Thu Feb 23 2017 2:00 PM ]
Zen Buddhist monks from the Shaolin Temple give a world-class performance of martial arts.
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Event Horizon

Good for the Sole

Friday, Feb 24: Ars Longa: Vita Brevis

By Maggie Grimason [ Thu Feb 23 2017 1:00 PM ]
Vanguard choreography in flamenco and contemporary dance by international guest artists and UNM's distinguished resident faculty.
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V.26 No.2 | 01/12/2017

Event Horizon

Science + Art = Molecool

Friday, Jan 20: Collected Works: Michael Wallace Opening

By Maggie Grimason [ Thu Jan 19 2017 10:00 AM ]
Featured works include pastels, oils, acrylics, mixed media and electronic media from the earth scientist and creator of the Calabacillas Arroyo public art. Runs through 1/31.
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V.26 No.2 | 1/12/2017



Lobo Athletics Spring Sports Schedules

As a service to the strange and beautiful people in Lobo Country, here are the Lobos' home game schedules for men and women's basketball, track and field, baseball and softball.
V.25 No.52 | 12/29/2016

Event Horizon

The Mewment is Now

Friday, Jan 6: Cat Lady Crafts Reception

By Maggie Grimason [ Thu Jan 5 2017 10:00 AM ]
See artwork about not always fitting in in the art world and rejection in other facets of life from artist Sara MacNeil. Runs through 1/31. Performances by dancer Ariel Burge and comedians Danger K Varoz and Caitlin Minton.
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Study Looks to Reduce Oil Industry's Impact on Mule Deer

The oil industry’s impact on animals is being studied and it’s the end of the line for Bob Frank.
V.25 No.50 | 12/15/2016

Event Horizon


Friday, Dec 16: Handel's Messiah

By Nina Ferrell [ Thu Dec 15 2016 2:00 PM ]
Roger Melone conducts the New Mexico Philharmonic performing the beloved, sacred symphonic work.
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