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V.23 No.10 | 3/6/2014


Rowdy’s Dream Blog #337: Hooked by a Fisherman

By Brutus De Cervantes [ Tue Mar 4 2014 11:50 AM ]

I am sitting on a rocky cliff in a canyon between two streets with my boss, C, and some other guys. C wants to hike in the bigger mountains. As we leave, my other boss, E, tells me about the blood in his stool. I beg him to try psyllium.

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V.21 No.23 |


The Daily Word in investigating Syria, Walgreens robberies, Prince and Lionel Richie

By Sam Adams [ Fri Jun 8 2012 10:20 AM ]
In the news: Syrian massacre, robbed the same Walgreens twice, approval rating, '80s celebrity fashion, dismembered corpses, ICE agent, I'll Have Another, Anders Behring Breivik, tries to sell bear cubs at a gas station, photo bombing!

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V.20 No.25 | 6/23/2011


Hangin in the Alley

Not just for winos

By Summer Olsson [ Thu Jun 23 2011 2:00 PM ]

A lot of times you can find good stuff for your house in alleys, like the cinderblocks and old door you need for a new coffee table. This Saturday, there will be even better, brand new, original accouterments for your dwelling in the alleys. Well, at least the one behind Walgreens on Central. A rogue band of artists is determined to use every available space to show art, including the nontraditional locales usually reserved for trash and broken glass. Thank you, brave creatives, for helping to transform ugliness into inspiration. “Art for everyone” will be in the thoroughfare from noon to 8 p.m.

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V.19 No.7 | 2/18/2010

Dan Aykroyd Will Be at Walgreens on Coors Signing Bottles of His Crystal Head Vodka at 4 P.M. on March 11

By Dan Enger [ Tue Mar 2 2010 3:49 PM ]

In case you didn’t know, Dan Aykroyd produces Crystal Head Vodkaa delicious brand of quadruple-distilled, triple filtered vodka packaged in a handsome skull-shaped bottle. He also has wine, if you prefer.

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