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V.20 No.34 | 8/25/2011
The Dirty Novels

Aural Fixation

The Exploding Plastic Inevitable

By Jessica Cassyle Carr

Andy Warhol was among the most iconic and prolific visual artists of the 20th century, a highbrow and low class culture cultivator of profound influence. The pop artist is just as recognized for his soup cans or Marilyn Monroes as he is for the silver New York "Factory" where those works were produced (while his Superstars and other celebrities milled about, glamorously bored). But Warhol was also an avant-garde filmmaker, publisher, producer and dabbler in performance art. One facet of this multidimensional career was The Exploding Plastic Inevitable, a series of traveling multimedia shows that occurred between 1966 and 1967. The shows featured Warhol's films, dancing and performances by Factory regulars and house band The Velvet Underground.

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V.19 No.51 |


The Daily Word 12.24.10: New pill for alcoholics, Pat Robertson on pot, coke on Christmas

By John Bear [ Fri Dec 24 2010 9:35 AM ]
In the news: remains, bell, Warhol, Cocaine, business, year, earthquakes, lynched, Pot, running, alcoholics

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The Daily Word 11.12.09: Lou Dobbs, China, Xbox

By Erin Adair-Hodges [ Thu Nov 12 2009 7:31 AM ]
In the news: Lou Dobbs leaves CNN, he may not accept any of them, kidnapped Irish priest released by MILF, Sandra Day O'Connor's husband died, homes become crime magnets, "200 One Dollar Bills" sells for $43.7 million, Chinese mixed-race reality show contestan, Xbox users to be banned, cut 87-year-old scout's salary 56%, woman passes driver's test on 950th try, This lady, Landscaping at Tramway and Central, Wallace Shawn

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