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Update: PNM says power outages are plaguing the city

By Laura Marrich [ Thu Dec 1 2011 4:57 PM ]

Residents along the North Valley's Fourth Street corridor aren't in the dark any more. But Albuquerque customers are still without power at about 50 other outage sites.
From a PNM news blast:

Crews are working to restore power to those customers. The other outages affect less than 300 people, mostly single homes at this point. An additional 100 +/- customers are affected by 9 outages in the Valencia area.

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The Daily Word 04.30.10: Vietnam War, Arizona, Frau Blucher

By Erin Adair-Hodges [ Fri Apr 30 2010 9:03 AM ]
In the news: Giant oil slick, No more offshore drilling, Arizona's pinche immigration law, In Vietnam, they're marking it, some images from the conflict, the crazy wind, No Phone Day, Enron, features raptors, Star Wars, song, Boston subway, restaurants get you to leave, one in five homes is unoccupied, Yes!

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V.19 No.18 | 5/6/2010

Talk About the Weather

The Wind! The Relentless Wind!

By Casey Purcella, fearless intern [ Thu Apr 29 2010 5:14 PM ]

If you were hoping for a little spring breeze so you could have a break while Albuquerque marches through spring and on to summer, it looks like your prayers have been answeredforcefully. The National Weather Service has issued a High Wind Warning for the Albuquerque metro area, meaning that you can expect 40 mph sustained winds and 58 mph gusts today.

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