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V.21 No.18 | 5/3/2012


Listen to the zodiac playlist

By Jessica Cassyle Carr [ Wed May 9 2012 5:03 PM ]

Last week I compiled a little mix of songs about the heavens in honor of our “Sign Language” feature. Read about mix and link to it here, or go directly to the music on 8tracks here.

Aural Fixation

Songs About the Heavens

By Jessica Cassyle Carr

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V.20 No.2 |


Zodiac Gone Wild?

New Sign?

By Julian Wolf [ Thu Jan 13 2011 7:44 PM ]

Apparently, you might not be the western zodiac sign you think you are. According to a new report by the Minnesota Planetarium Society our zodiac, which was created about 3000 years ago just isn't accurate anymore, since the earth is constantly being pushed and pulled around by other heavenly bodies, such as the moon. Here’s one of hundreds of stories about the shift of the zodiac. Don’t worry, Free Will Astrology is still valid according to the reports!

This is good news for body modification artists, who will likely be filling their appointment books with tattoo cover-ups and alternatives such as laser removals, salabrasion, skin branding and other forms of scarification.

According to the reports, I'm not an Aries anymore. I liked that goat. Isn't it cute? Did yours change? How does that make you feel?

V.19 No.38 | 9/23/2010

Culture Shock

By John Bear

Zodiac: Not the Serial Killer, the Sexy Painting

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