Alibi V.14 No.16 • April 21-27, 2005 

Music Magnified

2bers CD Release Party


Friday, Apr. 22; Burt's Tiki Lounge (21 and over): Culture is defined as the behavior patterns, arts, beliefs and all other forms of human work and thought as expressed in a particular community. This is hip hop, a culture, complete with an entire entertainment network of painters, dancers, musicians and more. I am constantly impressed at hip hop events by the cohesion they seem to possess within their community, within their culture. Two of the talents I have watched grow and develop within this network are the fabulous 2bers. Sticky Moco Productions and 2bers will be introducing their new CD, The History of Our Future, at Burt's on Friday, an event that is certain not to disappoint.

Collin Troy, alias Eph'Sharp, and Luke Hale, alias Bles, have been working and performing in the Albuquerque music community for the last five years. Their level of performance and crowd size have grown exponentially. Troy and Hale derive their lyrics from what they know best, their local community, emotions, politics and environment. They generate a high energy at every show, and their new CD captures that same enthusiasm.

The 2bers will perform songs from their new CD along with other local groups, One Foundation, Garbage Pail Kidz and Sound Creations.