Alibi V.14 No.37 • Sept 15-21, 2005 

Music to Your Ears

Euphoria: Back in Black—Actually, it never went anywhere. Pulse manager Lisa VanDyke says that the gothic/industrial dance party does and will continue to have a home at Pulse on Thursday nights, just as it has for the past seven years. VanDyke says Euphoria is not affiliated with any other venues, and despite the recent exodus of a few employees, it's still going strong at Pulse. In fact, she says "it's only going to get better!" VanDyke and founding member DJ Vladmira plan to turn up Euphoria's voltage with local and national guest DJs, special performances and a fresh injection of electroclash into Pulse's already potent gothic/industrial cocktail. Party on, children of the night!

Music to Soothe Nature's Fury—The Rivet Gang, along with thousands of other musicians, are donating the profits from their CD sales to the Red Cross for Hurricane Relief. To buy a copy of Audobon or any other participating group's album, log on to and click the "For Charity" link.

Yes Men and World Domination—Bernadette Seacrest and her Yes Men are taking the world by storm! Well ... sort of. Ms. Seacrest and company are off for another tour of the West Coast, after which they'll head to France for a few more weeks of aural pleasure, European style. "B" informs us that she's putting the final touches on another record at Wavelab in Tucson, Ariz., where the likes of Calexico, Neko Case and PJ Harvey have also recorded. The as-yet-untitled album is due out in December and, according to Ms. Seacrest, "it's a live one!" The tour kicks off this Wednesday, Sept. 21, at the Launchpad, alongside Cherry Poppin' Daddies alumni, The Visible Men.

Snuglife—Just reminding you candy-heeled hipsters that DJs Paul and Will are back for the second installment of their Snugfit Social Club dance party this Friday night at the Launchpad. The last one was an inferno of hot girls and sweat-plastered asymmetrical haircuts; and with the addition of Denver's DJ Sara T, I'm sure this next one will inspire some equally magnificent pit stains. $4 at the door, which opens at 9 p.m. 21-and-older only, please.

Fall Crawl—For the love of KISS, Fall Crawl is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 15. Please put down the Pyrex and stop asking me. Saturday! October! 15! ... Alright, I feel better now.

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