Alibi V.14 No.44 • Nov 3-9, 2005 

Music to Your Ears

Rocksquawk: More Rock, Less Walk—The Alibi and will again team up for another blissfully unpretentious night of local music; only this time you can enjoy the onslaught of Rocksquawkin' bands from a single barstool, perfectly contoured to fit the delicate curvature of your rump. On Wednesday, Nov. 23, we'll stuff the Launchpad tighter than a Thanksgiving turkey with live, local music ripped right from the forums of Albuquerque's premier internet music community, The idea is to throw a Rocksquawk show every month; each will highlight talent from the Albuquerque music scene and, and each will draw audiences to a single venue that will change from show to show. This month it's at the Launchpad. Next month, who knows? Of course, we'll continue to organize the multi-venue Music Showcases once or twice a year; and the Fall and Spring Crawls are as sure as the seasons. This is just another opportunity for local bands to come out and strut their stuff. And admission will be free or cheap so we can get a good audience base for these guys. Unfortunately, the inaugural event will be for 21-and-over audiences only, but I'd like to see some all-ages shows in the near future. We'll see how it goes. See you on Nov. 23!

More on MAP—I talked to the lovely Miss Nora White of the Buddha Betties, and she says the MAP coalition (Musicians And Parents), formed this year in response to Mayor Martin Chavez' ass-backwards plan to do away with all-ages shows in select venues, is going swimmingly so far. The group is comprised of about half musicians and half parents who meet once a month to talk about viable options for the future of all-ages shows in Albuquerque. "Meetings never go over an hour—that's something we're all pretty adamant about!" says Nora. MAP just teamed up with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and is excited to start organizing some "little shows" that will promote safe, all-ages music appreciation. If you'd like to be involved with MAP, e-mail Nora at

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