Alibi V.14 No.45 • Nov 10-16, 2005 

Music to Your Ears

Music from the Windchime—Downtown's Windchime Champagne Gallery (518 Central SW) has hosted several nights of music since they opened in March of this year, but this Friday, Nov. 11, will mark a first-time collaboration between the gallery and Neal Copperman's innovative AMP concert series. The AMP Listening Room will feature national bluegrass/Americana group The Greencards, whose recent work includes the new Dualtone release Weather and Water and an opening slot on last summer's Bob Dylan/Willie Nelson tour, will be the first national act to play the Windchime. The show starts at 7:30 p.m. Get your $12 advance tickets from, or at the door for $15.

Party like it's B.C. 49—If the steamy bacchanalian exploits of HBO's "Rome" have gone straight to your head, here's a chance to act out your fetish for ancient civilizations in the flesh. This Thursday evening, Euphoria will present "Pleasures of Dionysus" at Pulse nightclub, starting at 9 p.m. Highlights include belly dances and sword swallowing by Baraka, while the lascivious ladies Burlesque Noir will shake things up. Come garbed in your favorite Egyptian or Greco-Roman attire. Cost is $5 for drinking adults, $7 for those 18 to 21.

The Eyeliners Set to Play a Show in Their Home Town!—Thanks to a new CD (No Apologies, recorded under the raven-wings of Joan Jett herself) and an Iron Man-style touring schedule flanked by the Warped Tour, Social Distortion and more, it's been a dog's year since the Eyeliners played a show in Albuquerque. And they live here. Well, bitch no longer, near-forgotten fans. The Eyeliners will play a free show at the Launchpad on Friday, Dec. 2. The Launchpad is footing the bill as a gesture of patron appreciation; but there is one catch—the event is also a food drive. So bring some cans, see The Eyeliners for free and feel appreciated, you patronizing music lovers.

Guitar Love—Hey, guitar geeks! There's a Downtown art show that's all about our favorite instrument. The John Baldessari exhibit layers screen prints of people and their guitars, which have been cut out and replaced by big, electric colors. Check out Guitars at the Richard Levy Gallery (514 Central SW) through Dec. 9.