Alibi V.14 No.48 • Dec 1-7, 2005 

Music to Your Ears

The One Question IQ Test—What's the best album of all time, in five words or less? If you can answer this deceptively simple query correctly, you'll prove yourself to be the total musical genius you always thought you were. And if you reveal the identities of this week's three Sonic Reducer "Mystery Albums" (answers must include the artist's name, album title and record company of each), as well as the answer to our Flyer on the Wall Brain Tickler, you can also win an Alibi local music starter kit. That includes every album ever released by Socyermom Records (in the neighborhood of 15 albums, including the new Rock Outside The Box Vol. 2, and the much-coveted Ouch! compilation), three Detach Records releases, a Romeo Goes To Hell shirt and 25 local band buttons from rockstar clothiers I Heart Machine. We'll even throw in two tickets to Hella, a cool/weird electronic band off the Kill Rockstars label, who'll perform at the Launchpad on Thursday, Dec. 15. The first to e-mail the correct batch of answers (again: One Question IQ Test, Sonic Reducer Mystery Albums and the Flyer on the Wall Brain Tickler) to wins the booty. Which is not as sweet as my booty, but it's still pretty fantastic.

Hip-Hop at the Santa Fe Art Institute—The SFAI is launching a yearly hip-hop "convergence" that will, among other things, celebrate and legitimize the genre as a modern art form. (Hear that, naysayers? You can now officially remove your heads from your asses.) The free and all-ages event will kick off this Saturday with a hip-hop culture film festival at the College of Santa Fe Campus (Tipton Hall) from 3 to 8 p.m. Documentaries by independent filmmakers include The Raw Goddess, Scratch, The M.C. Why We Do It and Style Wars. For more information, call Peter Willig of the Santa Fe Art Institute at (505) 424-5050.

Get Schooled in Electronic Music—If you think you've got electronic music all figured out, think again. The UNM Electronic Arts Department will present a multi-media electronic/acoustic show at the Launchpad on Thursday, Dec. 1. The lineup is a broad and conceptually stimulating collection of artists like Alaska in Winter—a tundra fever-inspired one-man band with video projection "actors." Also in the mix is Oklahoma three-piece Oida, who blend electronica with intelligent dance music (IDM) and acoustic; Beirut, an "Eastern European laptop pop group;" and keyboard-lovin' locals The Gingerbread Patriots. The show is $4 and 21-and-over only. No glow sticks allowed.