Alibi V.15 No.9 • March 2-8, 2006 

Music to Your Ears

Rocksquawk Comes to the Golden West on Friday, March 3—Sample a variety of local music from Sin Serenade, Winterlock, Lower Than Dirt, Ants Have Voices and Ishen Tree for just $5. Doors open at 8 p.m. at Puccini's Golden West (Central at Seventh Street).

Pulse Pulls the Plug on Euphoria and 18-and-over Nights—It's for real this time. Ken Cornell, promotions manager of Euphoria, called me late Sunday night with news that the next two Thursdays—March 2 and March 9—would be Pulse's last for both Euphoria (the club's weekly gothic/industrial DJ engagement) and under-21 events. "The scene has been divided between two different venues on the same night," he says, referring in part to a gothic/industrial/new wave night called KGB that took up residence at OPM late last August. Rather than fight for the same patrons on the same night, Pulse will move its popular Thursday '80s theme from its Blu sidebar to the main floor, making the entire club 21-and-over every night of the week. Cornell will also launch a new Wednesday DJ night for EBM, industrial, IDM, and power noise—or "the harsher side of electronic music"—called Neotropolis. "If we do ours on Wednesday, then we do ourselves, and everyone, a favor." It's not all gone, though. Cornell says Pulse will host 18-and-over events with bigger underground live acts, presumably under the "Euphoria" name, once a month. Only time will tell.

Oh, and starting this week, Colosseum will expand its 18-and-over admittance to three nights—Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Sure, Colosseum is a booty barn. But as Downtown's only hip-hop and R&B club, I'm glad they've been stepping up with more live music, as in St. Louis' Flint B and "We Ain't Hollywood"on Thursday and Friday's appearance by Warren G. We notice these things. Keep it up.

Be the Next Korn Poster Child—Live Nation promotions and KASA FOX 2 have announced a pretty fantastic contest open only to you local artists: Design the official tour poster for Korn's March 11 show in Albuquerque. The grand prize includes some reprinting, getting the winning artwork signed by Korn and two tickets to the show. I'll spare you the official rules. Go request them at the KASA FOX 2 studio (1377 University NE). And get going—deadline is March 6!

Debut—I don't know how he finds the time, but if Spankey Lee isn't playing his guts out at a no-cover, nonsmoking venue, he's tinkering with some "laser show" on campus. (And he's always got something nice to say about it.) Now he's gone and put together a new band. Suite Swing plays "lite" swingin' jazz with a little help from Todd Farkas on fiddle, Joshua Allen on the upright bass and Spankey himself on guitar. Everybody sings. Catch Suite Swing's premier show at one of Spankey's favorite places, the Range Café in Bernalillo ("Best acoustics of any place I play!") on Sunday, March 5, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.