Alibi V.15 No.13 • March 30-April 5, 2006 

Music to Your Ears

More Music for the Coke-Blowing, Denim-Worshiping Set—The battle of the Thursday night DJ residence rages on! In what looks like a direct challenge to Burt's longtime “Universal” dance night, Blu began its own weekly electro-glam dance night last Thursday, called “Popular.” (Is that positive thinking or a subliminal marketing ploy?) “Popular” DJ Ian (who you know as the sex kitten from Pearl's Dive as well as from occasional stints at the “Universal”) describes his set as “hot, partymonster-style dance music” with some new wave, disco and hip-hop thrown into the mix. Ian lists Goldfrapp, Annie, Ladytron, Princess Superstar and Missy Elliot as some of his favorites. Blu is located in the back of Pulse, at 4100 Central SE. Call 255-3334 for better directions.

April, Fools!—Launchpad will present an April Fools' reunion show of now-defunct local bands, featuring The Hellcats, Icky & The Yuks, Starsky v3.0, Rollover 45, Angry Inch and The Notorious D.I.C.K. Richard Trott (aka Icky) informs me that his posse will do one better than their bill-mates: Not content to merely reunite for the evening, The Yuks have reformed and will bust out four new songs, despite not having played a gig together since they broke up last summer. Four new songs! He may be yanking my chain, for all I know. But who cares? It'd be worth it just to hear "Fuckaholic" and "Fat Chix" live, before they breakup again. The show is 21-and-over only, with a $5 cover.

Also on Saturday, eight local bands will ape each other in the name of charity at Atomic Cantina. See this week's “Lucky 7” for a complete rundown.

And last but not least, The District is throwing a big local blues bash with the Albuquerque Blues Connection, the Rudy “Boy” Experiment and the Ryan McGarvey Band. For a twist, former ABC member “Sir” Charles Crawford will fill in for bassist Steve Whitman, who'll be out of town for the gig. The music starts around 7 p.m.

Musicians for Peace—In conjunction with the Musicians' Alliance for Peace International Music for Peace Project 2006 (, the Blue Dragon Coffee House and Café (1517 Girard NE) will sponsor an 11-hour marathon of mindful music this Sunday from 11 a.m. through 10 p.m. Andy's Gang, Norm & Everett & Friends, Jason Daniello, Once Misguided and Phil Circle (Chicago) are among those who will perform. The event is free but donations for the Albuquerque Center for Peace and Justice will be graciously accepted.

Sorry, Harrison!—Last week I stupidly ran a “Music Magnified” photo of Your Name In Lights without a photo credit. The photographer is Harrison Brooks and that excellent image of YNIL originally ran in the Daily Lobo. Please, please forgive me. I will buy you a drink. Just call me.

Why am I not talking about your band? Send me stuff at and Harrison, my number is 346-0660 ext. 260. I'm serious about that drink.