Alibi V.15 No.21 • May 25-31, 2006 

Music to Your Ears

The Return of 500--Ready for some complicated math? Local hard rock outfit 500 (or Fivehundred, depending on who you talk to), which is made up of former members of Fatso and used to style themselves Mr. Spectacular, is back after calling it quits last year. Still with me? It seems they've filled out their sound with another guitar player, ratcheting up the supercharged trio to a four-piece. 500's triumphant returning show was at the Atomic Cantina a few weeks ago, but you can witness their undeniable face-rocking this Friday, May 26, at the Launchpad. It'll be a night of local breadwinners with Scenester and SuperGiant.

Dear Oceana EP Release Show--Dear Oceana, whose collective age has got to be under 100 (and there are five of them), will release their first EP, titled Earth Day, this Thursday, May 25, at the Cell Theatre. Besides having a kickass band name, DO plays exceptionally experimental, angular post-hardcore with two--count 'em, two!--lead singers. The show will feature the support of Kiss to Betray, Breaking the Walls, These Black Days and Señor Sol. The Cell is on First Street just south of Lomas. Cost is $5, doors open at 7 p.m.

Secret Squirrels of the DJ Booth--DJ Lowkey hung up his headphones at an official New Year's Eve farewell, but it looks like he's having a hard time sticking to his resolution. You can find DJ Lowkey spinning under a clever alter ego, Mr. Hyde, just about every other Wednesday at Harlow's. Mr. Hyde/Lowkey shares his turntables with Hop Song (I haven't been able to figure out who that is) for a 9 p.m. set called One Night in Bangkok--described as "an eclectic 'world-future beat' with 'old skool' new wave of the '70s and '80s." Sorry to blow up your spot, Phil, but this is one cat that's better out of the bag.

And While We're on the Subject of Harlow's--After too much cajoling from several current and former Calendars Editors, Harlow's (Central and Carlisle) has undertaken the unprecedented move of sending us their weekly listing of gigs. Way to go, you nerds! We can finally start covering Harlow's upcoming shows, like their Memorial Day Bash, a day-long concert with Le Chat Lunatique, Liquid Gypsy, The Saltine Ramblers and The Tall Tree Band. Cover charge information is iffy, but I do know it starts at 4:30 p.m.

Hometown Hero Eric McFadden Returns to Albuquerque This Week--The now San Francisco-based guitar prodigy of local blues god Stan Hirsch will play the Launchpad with his trio on Saturday, May 27. Any self-respecting guitar freak should attend. You will not be disappointed. Cost is $10.

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