Alibi V.15 No.28 • July 13-19, 2006 

Music to Your Ears

America's Next Danny Elfman—Cheryl Hooks (I'm sure you already know it, but she's a local music activist and co-host of KUNM's “Ear to the Ground”) is on the lookout for original music to score this year's Duke City Shootout digital film submissions. Not only that, this summer's Shootout will be a first-time collaboration with internationally renowned digital film competition, the 48 Hour Film Project. That means a lot of potential exposure. What are you waiting for? Send Cheryl an MP3 for consideration at The Shootout takes place July 21-29 in downtown Albuquerque. For more information on the competition, log onto and

“Dodging Triangulators Since 1998”--Hailstorms in July? What is this, a sign of the apocalypse? Christmas coming early this year? Or is Vanessa Williams finally getting a little vindication? (You know, she called it ... sometimes the snow does comes down in June). I know. The new edition of Wig Wam Bam must be out! Occasional Alibi contributor Captain America's independent local music zine has been ignoring objectivity for 73-odd issues now, and counting. Each review is a tidy package of personality, place and, not least of all, music, as heavy on wit as it is on comma splices. (It is a zine, after all.) And I'm not just saying it because I'm in this issue. The curmudgeonly Captain has a habit of writing up every show he attends--no matter how large or small—so you'd be wise to invite him to one of yours. Copies are available at better music venues and record and retail stores around town, or note the pretty new website at

By the way, Captain America is involved in an absorbing “Rebel Radio” archive project on MySpace. It chronicles Albuquerque's first and only pirate radio broadcast (heard a half-mile radius around the student ghetto from 1996-1998, Tuesday evenings on 90.9 FM), and, in a way, captures what many consider the golden era of the Albuquerque music scene. It's a heart-warming jaunt down memory lane. And, yeah, our ears are still ringing after all these years. Seeing is believing at