Alibi V.15 No.31 • Aug 3-9, 2006 

Music to Your Ears

Jingleballs—Feeling lucky? Keep your eyes peeled and you might just see a trio of new Powerball commercials that use local musicians to promote the lottery tickets. New Mexico talents The Hollis Wake (Burque), Vanilla Pop (Taos) and Sol Fire (Santa Fe) each perform a song about how incredibly huge the jackpot is becoming (to my understanding, the lyrics are canned but all the music is original), recorded and mixed by award-winning sound engineer Doug Geist at Santa Fe Center Studios. The commercials will air on local programming only when the winnings total $60 million or more. So far I've only seen The Hollis Wake spot--which features a “poptastic” 30-second jingle based off of one of bassist Sarah's songs--and I can't wait for the others. Especially since learning that one half of Vanilla Pop, Al Dente, went to the High School of Performing Arts in New York, and was cast in 1980's Fame. As if those wierdos weren't fascinating enough.

Lights Out for Below The Sound—OK, brace yourself. Below the Sound just announced that (breathe deep) it will split sometime in the spring of next year. Thank god, it's not due to “creative differences.” The parting seems amiable enough, with bassist and vocalist Dennis Ponozzo citing his imminent move to Madison, Wis., as the reason. In the meantime, the group will play “as many live shows as time permits,” so we can all get our fix before they're done. “We are also in the process of writing some new songs that we plan on recording and releasing early next year.” Dennis said in an e-mail, “But, until it is all over, it is business as usual.” Fill up on BTS merchandise while you can, and check often for performance updates at and

Want a free pair of tickets to see WideAwake and The Zac Brown Band on Wednesday, Aug. 9, at the Launchpad?--I’ve got tickets to the Rush! Energy Rock Bus Tour show on my desk. They’re usually $17, but free for you ... that is, if you stop by our offices at 413 Central NW and sweetly ask Francis or Sonya at the front desk for a pair. I’ve only got 10 tickets and then they’re gone.

Fall Crawl is on Saturday, Aug. 26!--Yeah, as in three weeks from now. You can start freaking out now. At least I am. More to come next week!