Alibi V.15 No.51 • Dec 21-27, 2006 

Music to Your Ears

Lily Comes Home--Cutting-edge guitarist/composer Lily Maase (see Mel Minter's "Spotlight," May 18-24) has left the frozen coasts of Brooklyn, N.Y., for a sojourn in her hometown of Albuquerque. The purpose for her return is a "creative development residency" called Music in Motion. Lily will spend a week teaching classes and developing new material for her forthcoming album, unbind, due out early 2007. She's also bookending her visit with two solo performances at the Blue Dragon, giving listeners a rare glimpse at how music composition evolves (and through what looks like will be a period of intense refinement). Hear her Tuesday, Dec. 26, and again on Wednesday, Jan. 3, for the full impact. There's a suggested $5 donation for each 8:30 p.m. performance.

Damn You, MindySet--The MindySet played their last show a few weekends ago, leaving their innumerable fans brokenhearted and wondering, "why?" I'll do one better: Why now? Why now, after folding in a second guitarist (again) to such a wonderful effect? Why now, when we're still reeling from A Sugared Mind, one of the best releases this city has ever put forth? Why now, after making us wait a full year for a second album, tentatively titled Bizarro and the Beautiful, on Detach Records? Why now, when your full potential needs to be realized more than ever before, when we need your catalyst spark for a city on the verge of a creative breakthrough? Why now, goddamnit? I'm barricading my office door, and I'm not coming out until you take it back. Or at least finish what you started and release that album, you brilliant, tempestuous jerks. We can't say goodbye.