Alibi V.16 No.33 • Aug 16-22, 2007 

Sonic Reducer

Tommy Gearhart Autumn Serenade (Self-released)

There's nothing particularly special about local crooner Tommy Gearhart’s debut release. His charming voice is reminiscent of a young Sinatra, minus the showy pow! of whichever mighty big band he was upstaging. Backing Gearhart is an un-synced combo whose improvisation and feel is clunky, and really doesn’t do their leader any justice. This is, however, perfectly good music to make love to, or drink a lot of champagne to, or have an intelligent conversation to; only I recommend hearing this ensemble in their natural habitat. Find them at a smoky bar with a little dimly lit stage, drink some cocktails and hear what Old Blue Eyes must have sounded like when he was still young. [TG]

Colette Push (Om Records)

Great dance music is like an all-fat vanilla-caramel triple latte: sweet, sinful, satisfying and packed with energy-producing chemicals to make even the most mundane of days fly by Push is an audio-caffeine addict's next fix. A smooth blend of heavy house beats, a trumpet swirl, a touch of digital effects topped with the soft, whipped cream voice of Colette, resident DJ at the Smart Bar in Chicago and house music goddess. So good, you'll go back for seconds and thirds and fourths, guilt-free. [AD]

Public Enemy How You Sell Soul to a Soulless People Who Sold Their Soul (Redeye Distribution)

Forget "Flavor of Love," the weak-ass show that's resurrected a shallow consciousness of who Public Enemy is in the young music-purchasing demographic. How You Sell Soul is a quick classic because all members of the self-proclaimed Rolling Stones of rap are doing what they do best. Chuck D is as brilliant as ever. Flav rides again as P.E.'s hype man. The production isn't quite in keeping with modern standards, but who cares? The artistry is there. This ain't no 808 throwback. Old fans and new should partake. [MD]

[TG] Thomas Gilchrist, [AD] Amy Dalness, [MD] Marisa Demarco