Alibi V.16 No.37 • Sept 13-19, 2007 


Asphalt Cowboy

Mishka Shubaly vs. the road

Mishka Shubaly
Mishka Shubaly

The road is a dangerous mistress. One moment she's gilding her path, offering kisses laden with joy and good fortune. The next, she's slashed your tires, stolen the radio and called all your exs to tell them you've got the clap.

Mishka Shubaly's fickle love affair with the road was born out of his life-partnership with his guitar. He left New York City to tour in support of his forthcoming album, How To Make A Bad Situation Worse, a mix of country-rock, high alcohol intake and grit. While stalled in traffic in the Bible Belt, Shubaly put his feelings for his asphalt courtesan into words in the spirit of this week’s Alibi Haiku Contest.

Mishka’s Touring Haiku

four hundred hard miles
countless small indignities
for just two free drinks?

cop searching my van
Sir, I don't have any drugs
at least none you'll find

the love of a few
the indifference of most
it still beats working

lonely oil change light
my only companion ’til
the 'E' light comes on

life in cars and bars
death on the dollar menu
my heaven and hell

adult superstore
barely legal volume nine
thanks, have a nice day

Mishka Shubaly plays the Atomic Cantina (315 Gold SW) Thursday, Sept. 13. There's no cover, but you must be 21-or-over to enter. For more info, visit