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ediv sleshogxt/c-align:cencer;margin-lYp:3px;"SCb>Select the newsle.cers of your choice:
    tle="AlSigno" up fo. the sste_t /roibi MuBks_a half-price gift cty=ifatioes dhe limi"ed-ti" offers fromoibi MuDealstle="AlSigno" up fo. ekliey sampbty of great foodie infotainnts.: Re_taurint reewers, food news dhe eves.s, discount offers dhe a curityd selectn/roof the be_t eateries, brer.jies dhe boutiest_ in Albuestrque, Sinta Fe dhe Nortetrn New Mexico.tle="Alibi MuTix, great ticket deals dhe excluskves, seht ekliey.ediv slesho'max-width:990px; margin: auto;'ediv sleshogmde-width:980px;max-width:990px; back: ouex-color: white;">ediv assif="log+xav" sleshogfloat:left; width: 250px; margin: 15px auto 0px 0px;">earef="">ediv assif="xav_er_b" sleshogheight: 14px;"> login | regiscere/am 
    earef="ht/?scn=c:veramevigalYr">Back Issue Browsere/am | Pers+xalse/am | Advertise With Use/ameCdiv>
    assif="edilYrialhrsleshogwidth:97px;">earef=" M-Comic-Readaltml?m/>tle="AlComicsThe Zero Issue SCrpan>
Sli>assif="edilYrialhrsleshogwidth:69px;">earef=">newse/ameul/Sli>Environnts.: A ouex N.M.SCrpan>
  • Newcity: Veto sswsuit, Mah" For Science dhe CNM IngenuitySCrpan>
  • Baked Gglds: Sugar HighSCrpan>
  • Odds & EndsSCrpan>
  • Le.cers: Slow Down!SCrpan>
  • Community Calendar Sli>assif="edilYrialhrsleshogwidth:116px;">earef=">film & tve/ameul/Sli>Film Reewer: SCrpan>
  • Reel World: Medilate OnoMpiningSCrpan>
  • Idiot Box: The deathoof broadcsito eleewsn/rSCrpan>
  • Wkli in SlothSCrpan>
  • Recenc Moewe Reewers
  • Film Ti" snCapsules Sli>assif="selected/>sleshogwidth:79px;">earef=">tle="Alsic t Incerewer/>sic/2e/ameul/Sli>sic t Incerewer: Liscero YoGhosts in the Otetr RoomSCrpan>
  • sic t Calendar Sli>assif="edilYrialhrsleshogwidth:125px;">earef=">iics & lite/ameul/Sli>Cultu.jrShock: Less+xs in RezilienceSCrpan>
  • Steam Genius: SCrpan>
  • Aics Calendar Sli>assif="edilYrialhrsleshogwidth:69px;">earef=">foode/ameul/Sli>Re_taurint Reewer: MAYA “Lionn infusn/r” cuwsnne is ze_tySCrpan>
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  • Chowtown Re_taurint Guide
  • Recenc Re_taurint Reewers Sli>assif="edilYrialhrsleshogwidth:69px;">earef=">og-re/ameul/Sli>This wkli in bek g rchn-rt, everythk g Etich Day, mathopiicies, the ssitodance dt Low Spiri.s dhe mo.j.
  • The Daily Word in Ax Murdalers, Baby Mikers dhe Russia
  • This wkli in the youthoof america, bac+x, lolz dhe Wescern swingSCrpan>
  • The Daily Word in Russian gulags fo. gays, dhe the 40thoanniversaryoof Jon-rtown
  • This wkli in flyk g like they usedo Y, ternate" universes, flags, the Laotian new yrch dhe mo.jSCrpan>
  • The Daily Word in ABQ Soalpa Club grafitei dhe a Ruidoso decapilatn/rSCameCli>
  • Friends in Oringe Plac s
  • The Daily Word in the Downfalloof the US, Fighting dt Children's BasketballoGames dhe RuPaul's Drag Race
  • This Wkli’s Eves. HYrizon in Hdhenk g Wildlife, Fiic F-rt, an Organ’s Biichday dhe Mo.jSCrpan>
  • Live & Locpao Yorecurn Yothe KiMo Sli>assif="edilYrialhrsleshogwidth:106px;">earef="">cannabis Sli>assif="edilYrialhrsleshogwidth:107px;">earef=">calendarToday
  • Aics Calendar
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    ediv sleshogmargin-lYp: 3px;"SC/div> t Po_t yours etre
    See mo.j flyers etre
    ediv sleshogmargin: 0px 15px 0px 15px; height: 15px; paddk g: 0px; xt/c-align: cencer;">
    ediv assif="CencerctlMinwidthhrsleshogwidth:520px;"> 
    ediv assif="issueta-v">ediv assif="ges-_intro">earef="ht/?scn=sic/2&di=08/f-/f-/7rel="stup">Mic/2e/ameCdiv>
    earef=" ttml?m/>l="stnt/c" tle="AlV.17 No.31usic R">‹‹e/am V.17 No.32 | Augu_t 7 - 13, 20/f l="stprev" tle="AlV.17 No.33usic R">››e/ameCdiv>
    ediv assif="headalbar"> | PRINTe/am | EMAILe/am | assif="url permalk rrel="styelf bookmark">PERMALINKe/ameCdiv>
    ediv sleshogposions/:lationve; lYp: 2px;">ediv assif="addthis_tooox.c addthis_default_slesh" addthisiurl>addthisitle="Alsic t Your Earstw:v="haeklieyibi" />earassif="addthis_button_efixerred_1" me/amearassif="addthis_button_efixerred_2" me/amearassif="addthis_button_efixerred_3" me/amearassif="addthis_button_efixerred_4" me/amearassif="addthis_button_m/ipact"me/ameCdiv>
    eg:usone.j countogfelsehref=">New Orapins PlayliscSCrpan> DJ Soul Siscer are.js so" of etrrfavorite tris_a ediv assif="bynk e">By Compe=yd by Jeifica Csifesh CsrrSCrpan>ediv sleshogwidth:200px; height:162px; xt/c-align:cencer; back: ouex-color:black; back: ouex-repeat: no-repeat; back: ouex-posions/: cencer;" id="yt4MrOpZVUxLU01/X62m>earef=">oncckr_althis.piits.No.css"ntrHTML="<ifie" width=\""+this.piits.No.csslesh.width+"\" height=\""+this.piits.No.csslesh.height+"\" src/\"tp://\/\ww.w3youtubehm/m\/embed\/4MrOpZVUxLU?wmo.c=direcc&amp;l="s0&amp;autoplay11\" fie" bordal=\"0\" allowfullssreenrme" t\"yt4MrOpZVUxLU01/X62\"><\/ifie" >"; recurn celse;"rtle="AlPlayour tube Video" x-debug="Got 404 whenrreadk gttp://wwi2.ytimgom/muvi/4MrOpZVUxLU/0.jpgt>
    eSPAN STYLE= ""r>“Fi.jron the Bayou” by The M cers

    For 14 yrchs, SCrpan> DJ Soul SiscerSCrpan> has been manning the boards Saturday nights beeekln 8 dhe 10 me/. at lisceral-supportyd SCrpan> WWOZ 90.7 FMSCrpan> in New Orapins. In cebt, etrropegram “Soul Por.j,” the country's lons-rt-running re.jr: oove reo# show, was the ssito Yoair befo.jrWWOZ signyd off during Hurricane Katrina. Ono Yp of etrrreo# gig, Soul Siscer hosts three ekliey "right-on piicy situions/v" that sionsfy New Orapinian yrchnings fo. uex.r: ouex disco, deep funk, boogaloo, soul, re.jr: oove dhe mo.j. With this mix, you can join etrrnobsh campaigno Yomake your boocy do its duty.SCrpan>

    ediv assif="imes-cosleshogfloat: left;margin-right: 15px; margin-bottom: 6px; left;width: 200px; margin-lYp: 12px; margin-left: 20px;">ediv sleshogwidth:200px; height:162px; xt/c-align:cencer; back: ouex-color:black; back: ouex-repeat: no-repeat; back: ouex-posions/: cencer;" id="ytSfzXF38RAb801/X62m>earef=">oncckr_althis.piits.No.css"ntrHTML="<ifie" width=\""+this.piits.No.csslesh.width+"\" height=\""+this.piits.No.csslesh.height+"\" src/\"tp://\/\ww.w3youtubehm/m\/embed\/SfzXF38RAb8?wmo.c=direcc&amp;l="s0&amp;autoplay11\" fie" bordal=\"0\" allowfullssreenrme" t\"ytSfzXF38RAb801/X62\"><\/ifie" >"; recurn celse;"rtle="AlPlayour tube Video" x-debug="Got 404 whenrreadk gttp://wwi2.ytimgom/muvi/SfzXF38RAb8/0.jpgt>

    1) "Hdhea Wdhea" • The Wild Magnolias Mardi Gras Indiins • SCrpan>

    eP>2) "Do Whatcha Wdhna" • Rebiich Brass Bahe • SCrpan>

    eP>3) "Fi.jron the Bayou" • The M cers • SCrpan>

    ediv assif="imes-cosleshogfloat: right; right; margin-left: 15px; margin-bottom: 6px; width: 200px; margin-lYp: 12px; margin-right: 20px;">ediv sleshogwidth:200px; height:162px; xt/c-align:cencer; back: ouex-color:black; back: ouex-repeat: no-repeat; back: ouex-posions/: cencer;" id="ytdAPh0ZomQ_E01/X62m>earef=">oncckr_althis.piits.No.css"ntrHTML="<ifie" width=\""+this.piits.No.csslesh.width+"\" height=\""+this.piits.No.csslesh.height+"\" src/\"tp://\/\ww.w3youtubehm/m\/embed\/dAPh0ZomQ_E?wmo.c=direcc&amp;l="s0&amp;autoplay11\" fie" bordal=\"0\" allowfullssreenrme" t\"ytdAPh0ZomQ_E01/X62\"><\/ifie" >"; recurn celse;"rtle="AlPlayour tube Video" x-debug="Got 404 whenrreadk gttp://wwi2.ytimgom/muvi/dAPh0ZomQ_E/0.jpgt>

    4) "SlYp, Pause" • DJ Jule=ye • SCrpan>

    eP>5) "Bks_ Jump Ti" " • Gregory D & DJ Mannie Fresh • SCrpan>

    eP>6) "Checkour EaBks_et" piics 1 dhe 2 • Eddie Bo • SCrpan>

    eP>7) "Treme' Secohe Lin " • Kermi" Ruffins • SCrpan>

    eP>8) "Know With Me—RockoWith Me" • Lil RascalsoBrass Bahe • SCrpan>

    eP>9) "Get On Up" • Wterna Wolfman Washk gtonr• SCrpan>

    eP>10) "Big Chief" • Dr. John • SCrpan>

    eP>11) "Desionvely Bohnaroo" • Dr. John • SCrpan>

    eP>12) "Slreet Parade" • Earl Kk gt• SCrpan>

    eP>13) "Say Wont'cha" • Chocole" Milk • SCrpan>

    eP>14) Anythk g by the Soul RebelsoBrass Bahe or Hot 8oBrass BaheSCrpan>

    eP>15) "LocpaoNew Orapins" • Ke" y Ree • SCrpan> SCp>

    ep assif="storybreak">

    eP>Skli out Soul Siscer at djsoulsiscerom/m.
    eCdiv> tocreicere" = funcon/r() { if (toc_" tdocunts..getElents.ById('toc_reicere" ')) { new Ax.jsRuest_t('/', { ta hod: 'get', piie" cers: new Hash( { ax.j_funcon/r: 'toc_reicere" ', sk gleostory: '1', story: '157/a', story_cg-rlike_flag: '', story_popup: '', save_this_bynk e: 'Compe=yd by Jeifica Csifesh Csrr', toc_desired_issue: '18/f-/f-/7', toc: '', tag: '', toc_desired_secon/r: 'sic/2', subrin: '', sk gleostory_secon/r_flag: '', scr: 'sic/2', no_latioed_slYries: 'true' } ), onCompl ce: funcon/r(trinsport) { toc_" ss"ntrHTML=trinsport.responseTt/c; } }); } } setTi" out('tocreicere" ()',0); SCript/u>e/td>
    earef=""rtle="AlEves.s onrThursday, April 27 2017/>Today's>ediv assif="headhrsleshogwidth:192px;">eh2uCynical Biid • rock, pYp, Americanae/am at Tractor Brewk g WellsoPark
    earef=">tle="AlCynical Biid • rock, pYp, Americanat>The Delbert Aex.rson Trio • treo#on+xal jazz • Def-i • hip-hope/am at Buics Tiki LoungeTylor Brindon • acoustic, varietye/am at Blue Grasshopper Brew Pub TaproomSCrpan>Mo.j Recomntsdyd Eves.s ››e/amediv assif="cal_secon/r_lk rs">earef="" result&t=6%2Ca%2C8%2C9%2C10%2C11%2C12%2C16%2C18">Aicse/am | Communitye/am | Foode/am | sic te/ameCdiv>
    ediv assif="addthis_hYrizontib_follow_tooox.c" sleshogpaddk g-bottom: 3px; xt/c-align: cencer; margin-left:auto; margin-right: auto; width: 254px;"SC/div>
    earef=" eif/53215/Cannabliss-at-La-Bella-Salontml?m/ sleshogfts.-size:13px; nk e-height:13px; height:13px; display:block; margin:auto; posions/:absolute; lYp:0; bottom:0; left:0; right:0;">La Bella Spa & Salone/ameCdiv>
    earef=" eif/53223/Villa-Myriamtml?m/ sleshogfts.-size:13px; nk e-height:13px; height:13px; display:block; margin:auto; posions/:absolute; lYp:0; bottom:0; left:0; right:0;">The Brewe/ameCdiv>
    erpanrsleshogfts.-size: larger;">NEWSLETTERS Great uslYries, eves.s dhe deals deliveredo Yoyour inx.c each ekli. No foonk g!SCrpan> 
      eimg src/inedilYrialncmes-alheadal-choose-boxes.giftyal"al">
      Select de.cbar boxeso Yoadd below.our can also cckr_ dhe drago Yorearringe the boxes; ccoseousk g the site=" X icons onreach x.cs To re-add a x.coyou ccosed,orecurn Yothis menu.Sli>assif="er_bx.c_menu_intro" sleshogback: ouex: red; margin-lYp: 4px">Becauseoyou e.jrnot logged in,oany chingesoyou make Yothese boxes will vanish as soonrasoyou cckr_ Yoanotetr ges-.rIf you log in, the boxes will stici.assif="er_bx.c_menu_subheadh>>assif="er_bx.c_menu_item" id="bbmenuitem_1recenccg-rs" ta-v-enabledalyes" oncckr_aljavaript/u:Ur_bBoxAdd(1,'recenccg-rs')" mLste_t Po_ts Sli>assif="er_bx.c_menu_item" id="bbmenuitem_1webexcluskves" ta-v-enabledalyes" oncckr_aljavaript/u:Ur_bBoxAdd(1,'webexcluskves')" mWeb Excluskves Sli>assif="er_bx.c_menu_item" id="bbmenuitem_1nssify/ ta-v-enabledalyes" oncckr_aljavaript/u:Ur_bBoxAdd(1,'nssify')" mRecenc Clsifieds0s Sli>assif="er_bx.c_menu_item" id="bbmenuitem_3fbcomntsts" ta-v-enabledalyes" oncckr_aljavaript/u:Ur_bBoxAdd(3,'fbcomntsts')" mLste_t Ur_b Po_ts Sli>assif="er_bx.c_menu_item" id="bbmenuitem_3aconveer_bs" ta-v-enabledalyes" oncckr_aljavaript/u:Ur_bBoxAdd(3,'aconveer_bs')" mMo_t Aconve Ur_bs Sli>assif="er_bx.c_menu_item" id="bbmenuitem_3mo_taconve" ta-v-enabledalyes" oncckr_aljavaript/u:Ur_bBoxAdd(3,'mo_taconve')" mMo_t Aconve SlYries Sli>assif="er_bx.c_menu_item" id="bbmenuitem_3calcomntsts" ta-v-enabledalyes" oncckr_aljavaript/u:Ur_bBoxAdd(3,'calcomntsts')" mCalendar Comntsts Sli>assif="er_bx.c_menu_item" id="bbmenuitem_227" ta-v-enabledalyes" oncckr_aljavaript/u:Ur_bBoxAdd(2,'27')" mUpcomk g ibi MuPkr_s Sli>assif="er_bx.c_menu_subheadh>AlbuestrqueSli>assif="er_bx.c_menu_item" id="bbmenuitem_28" ta-v-enabledalyes" oncckr_aljavaript/u:Ur_bBoxAdd(2,'8')" mDuke City Fix Sli>assif="er_bx.c_menu_item" id="bbmenuitem_231" ta-v-enabledalyes" oncckr_aljavaript/u:Ur_bBoxAdd(2,'31')" mAlbuestrque Beer Scene Sli>assif="er_bx.c_menu_item" id="bbmenuitem_225" ta-v-enabledalyes" oncckr_aljavaript/u:Ur_bBoxAdd(2,'25')" mWhat's Wro g With This Picture? Sli>assif="er_bx.c_menu_item" id="bbmenuitem_232" ta-v-enabledalyes" oncckr_aljavaript/u:Ur_bBoxAdd(2,'32')" mReddkt Albuestrque Sli>assif="er_bx.c_menu_item" id="bbmenuitem_215" ta-v-enabledalyes" oncckr_aljavaript/u:Ur_bBoxAdd(2,'15')" mABQ Jourxal Metro Sli>assif="er_bx.c_menu_item" id="bbmenuitem_24" ta-v-enabledalyes" oncckr_aljavaript/u:Ur_bBoxAdd(2,'4')" mABQrwsnng Sli>assif="er_bx.c_menu_item" id="bbmenuitem_211" ta-v-enabledalyes" oncckr_aljavaript/u:Ur_bBoxAdd(2,'11')" mABQ Jourxal Lste_t News Sli>assif="er_bx.c_menu_item" id="bbmenuitem_27" ta-v-enabledalyes" oncckr_aljavaript/u:Ur_bBoxAdd(2,'7')" Albuestrque Sli>assif="er_bx.c_menu_subheadh>NM dhe the WescSli>assif="er_bx.c_menu_item" id="bbmenuitem_219" ta-v-enabledalyes" oncckr_aljavaript/u:Ur_bBoxAdd(2,'19')" mNew Mexico FBIHOP Sli>assif="er_bx.c_menu_item" id="bbmenuitem_26" ta-v-enabledalyes" oncckr_aljavaript/u:Ur_bBoxAdd(2,'6')" mDemocracy fo. New Mexico Sli>assif="er_bx.c_menu_item" id="bbmenuitem_224" ta-v-enabledalyes" oncckr_aljavaript/u:Ur_bBoxAdd(2,'24')" mOnly in New Mexico Sli>assif="er_bx.c_menu_item" id="bbmenuitem_223" ta-v-enabledalyes" oncckr_aljavaript/u:Ur_bBoxAdd(2,'23')" mMario Burgos Sli>assif="er_bx.c_menu_item" id="bbmenuitem_222" ta-v-enabledalyes" oncckr_aljavaript/u:Ur_bBoxAdd(2,'22')" mDemocracy fo. New Mexico Sli>assif="er_bx.c_menu_item" id="bbmenuitem_220" ta-v-enabledalyes" oncckr_aljavaript/u:Ur_bBoxAdd(2,'20')" mHigh Country News Sli>assif="er_bx.c_menu_item" id="bbmenuitem_230" ta-v-enabledalyes" oncckr_aljavaript/u:Ur_bBoxAdd(2,'30')" mEl GrilY Sli>assif="er_bx.c_menu_item" id="bbmenuitem_217" ta-v-enabledalyes" oncckr_aljavaript/u:Ur_bBoxAdd(2,'17')" mNM Ponktics with Joe Monahin Sli>assif="er_bx.c_menu_item" id="bbmenuitem_218" ta-v-enabledalyes" oncckr_aljavaript/u:Ur_bBoxAdd(2,'18')" mStephenrWs Terrell's Web Log Sli>assif="er_bx.c_menu_subheadh>The Net Is Vsitodhe InfiniteSli>assif="er_bx.c_menu_item" id="bbmenuitem_214" ta-v-enabledalyes" oncckr_aljavaript/u:Ur_bBoxAdd(2,'14')" mSssihdot Sli>assif="er_bx.c_menu_item" id="bbmenuitem_228" ta-v-enabledalyes" oncckr_aljavaript/u:Ur_bBoxAdd(2,'28')" mFreedom YoTinker Sli>assif="er_bx.c_menu_intro">Is the.jra feedo hat should beron this lisc? Tell us about it.e/ameCul>
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