Alibi V.18 No.5 • Jan 29-Feb 4, 2009 

Music to Your Ears

I'm the Slime

Thirteen TV-related tracks

Plenty of music is worthy of a television-themed playlist, but this mix of sometimes sad, bitter or freaky songs is mostly relegated to the realms of punk, proto-punk and post-punk. The Web doesn’t yield some of the MP3s I wanted to include ("I'm the Slime" by Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention, or The Victims' original "Television Addict"). I also purposefully excluded songs that would have worked nicely ("I Hate the TV" by Violent Femmes) and included a few songs with no mention of television ("Look Back in Anger" by Television Personalities), but the TV theme is obeyed overall. I like that most of these songs regard television with some degree of hostility: It's nice being reminded to be skeptical of the establishment ... while enjoying some really sick guitar parts.

1) "TV Casualty" • The Misfits • Static Age

2) "TV Set" • The Cramps • Bad Music for Bad People

3) "Look Back In Anger" • Television Personalities • And Don't the Kids Just Love It

4) "T.V. Eye" • The Stooges • Fun House

5) "Television Addict" • Hoodoo Gurus • Crank

6) "TV Party" • Black Flag • Damaged

7) "Kill Your Television" • Ned's Atomic Dustbin • God Fodder

8) "5-45" • Gang Of Four • Entertainment!

9) "Coffee & TV" • Blur • 13

10) "TV Movie" • Pulp • This Is Hardcore

11) "Nature Boy" • Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds • Abattoir Blues

12) "Dancing Choose" • TV On The Radio • Dear Science

13) "See No Evil" • Television • Marquee Moon

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