Alibi V.19 No.13 • April 1-7, 2010 

Song Roulette

The memories attached to Kevin R. Elder’s random selections

Kevin R. Elder has played bass in local bands such as Unit 7 Drain and I is for Ida. He is also the co-artistic director of Tricklock Company and often writes original music and lyrics for their plays. These are some random picks, along with the memories attached, that have helped shape him into the artist he is now.

1) “Gold Soundz” • PavementCrooked Rain, Crooked Rain

I’m teaching myself to smoke Camel Lights—in order to be eligible for a 15-minute break at the A&W—in the summer of ’94.”

2) “Baby Britain” • Elliott SmithXO

“I had just read that Elliott Smith committed suicide by stabbing himself in the chest twice. I can’t help but think that is quite sad, and extremely tough.”

3) “Come Back from San Francisco” • Magnetic Fields69 Love Songs, Pt. 1

“I’m driving to the old Tricklock Performance Space in my blue, ’89 Volvo, blasting a mini-disc player.”

4) “Kradziez Cukierka” • Czesław ŚpiewaDebiut

“I’m on the tram in Krakow, Poland, pretending I understand and belong, and congratulating myself for traversing the city alone, without my friend-guide Agnieszka Polanska.”

5) “Moonage Daydream” • David BowieThe Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars

“I’m driving to Wyoming with my girlfriend (who, years later, becomes my wife) and we are playing Kevin R. Elder’s People vs. Potatoes ( We both choose David Bowie over potatoes.”