Alibi V.19 No.43 • Oct 28-Nov 3, 2010 

Song Roulette

Random tracks from Diego E. Montoya, fearless Alibi intern

Diego E. Montoya is a UNM student and Alibi editorial intern. He has a strong affinity for New Mexican music, which he exhibits on some days with sharp boots and a cowboy hat. However, he’s also a fan of the punk rock and has put an interesting spin on this week’s column—all random selections from a Warped Tour playlist. Below you’ll find no accordions, no polka beats and no mustaches.

1) “Clap Your Hands” • The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band • The Wages

“If you are not clapping your hands and singing along with the The Rev. at the end of this album, you need to turn up the Southern Indiana country funk. With the sound of the 5-gallon bucket, and Breezy playing the washboard with The Reverend on the guitar, you can not go wrong.”

2) “We Are All We Have” • The Casualties • We Are All We Have

“The mohawk- and spike-wearing Casualties rock hardcore street punk sounds. This song gives you a chance to hear and feel their political and social meanings. ... Frontman Jorge howls the powerful lyrics and all I can do is crank it up and join in with the singing.”

3) “Party Hard” • Andrew W.K. • I Get Wet

“Party animal Andrew W.K. always gets me going! This guy put on the most energetic rock show at Warped—he blew the audience away. When this song comes on anywhere it does not matter, you have to start yelling ‘Party hard, party hard, party hard!’ ”

4) “Make Me Wanna Die” • The Pretty Reckless • “The Pretty Reckless”

“This song comes from the New York rock band fronted by the former ‘Gossip Girl’ star and model Taylor Momsen. One may think ‘Cindy Lou Who’ is posing as a rocker, but after touring with Warped and allegedly carrying a knife, Taylor sounds like she would be the one robbing the Grinch! This song give me the feeling that Miss Momsen could be the new chic-rocker.”

5) “Thicker Than Water” • Cobra Skulls • American Rubicon

“Spanish lyrics mixed into this English track is just a great way to get across the awesome power of the Cobra Skulls. Lead singer Devin Peralta, of Argentine descent, lets you get a taste of what they are about with his vocals and lyrics detailing why mistakes are what make us who we are.”