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 Dec 30 - Jan 5, 2011 

Year in Review: Music

Jeff Drew’s Found Objects

Alibi graphic artist lists his top tracks of the year


1) “Salt in the Wound” • Delta Spirit • History From Below

Nice down-tempo anthem with a bit o' soul.

2) "What's It In For?" • Avi Buffalo • Avi Buffalo

Hard to believe these guys are fresh outta high school. I look forward to future releases.

3) “The Sun Goes All Around” • Thee Oh Sees • Dog Poison

Some psychedelic s*%t that sounds like it was recorded in 1967.

4) “Long Division Blues” • Peggy Sue • Fossils and Other Phantoms

A druggy little folk song that starts soft and picks up along the way.

5) “Fountain Stairs” • Deerhunter • Halcyon Digest

The guitar in this song weaves such a pretty pattern in the background.

6) “Brightest Minds” • Department of Eagles • Archive 2003-2006

A song that manages to be cheery and eerie at the same time.

7) “Daddy Wrote You Letters ...” • Pearly Gate Music • Pearly Gate Music

Love when the drums come in—"Boom, Pop, Boom Pop-Pop." A sweet slice of Americana.

8) “Sheep” • Gonjasufi • A Sufi and a Killer

An eccentric gem. Has a weird ’60s Middle Eastern vibe with awesome female backing vocals.

9) “Four Dreams” • Jesca Hoop • Hunting My Dress

A regular rattle box of rhythms. Playful vocals play double Dutch all over this mutha.

10) “You Were Never There” • Diego Garcia • You Were Never There

A chilled out upbeat song with strings. I'm especially fond of the "Hoos" and "Hos" shouted in the background.

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