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 Jun 28 - Jul 4, 2012 

Aural Fixation

Pride-Time Disco Nap

Ten mellow, bittersweet, gay songs


Pride can be exhausting—perhaps you need a disco nap?

Go ahead and make a cup of chamomile and take a break from the shimmer and feathers and accelerated BPMs with this relaxed mix of songs sung by gay men.

1) "All Alright” • Sigur Rós • Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust

Frosty, homosexual Vegenaise from Iceland

2) “Fabulous Muscles” • Xiu Xiu •  Fabulous Muscles

Emotive vocals, acoustic guitar, graphic depiction of fellatio

3) “Twilight At Carbon Lake” • Deerhunter • Microcastle

Self-loathing over layers of sound

4) “He Hit Me” • Grizzly Bear • “Friend”

A male-sung cover of The Crystals’ violent classic

5) “Strange Currencies” • R.E.M. • Monster

A song about falling in love

6) “All My Little Words” • The Magnetic Fields • 69 Love Songs

A song about jilted love

7) “Music Is My Boyfriend” • The Hidden Cameras • Mississauga Goddam

A song about music as a lover

8) “Chelsea Hotel No. 2” • Rufus Wainwright • Leonard Cohen: I’m Your Man (Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Rufus covers Leonard’s song about his lover, Janis.

9) “Fistful of Love” • Antony and the Johnsons (with Lou Reed) • I Am a Bird Now

A song about masochistic love

10) “Your Song” • Elton John • Greatest Hits

And now we’re ready to go back to Pride.

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