Alibi V.21 No.35 • Aug 30-Sept 5, 2012 

Music to Your Ears

The Art of Alibi

This month marks 20 years of newspapering in New Mexico on the part of this mighty alternative publication. In that time, the Alibi has fostered the creation of copious art, including 1,002 covers and counting. To celebrate the milestone we decided to mull over the corpulent archives and curate a little show that looks back on two decades. Along with the collection of our favorite covers, other mementoes and office curiosities will be sprinkled in for good measure. Find out just how hostile staffers can become when someone takes the last of the coffee and neglects to make more.

You can see this retrospective Downtown on the walls of the Blackbird Buvette (509 Central SW, one block away from our world headquarters) for the entire month of September. The opening—a birthday party of sorts—happens on Sunday, Sept. 2, beginning at 6 p.m. Festivities include the music of F. Moore and members of The Great Depression playing an acoustic mix of folk, Latin and rock. DJ Tahnee will also be present to spin a tantalizing vinyl melange of disco, funky soul and vintage R & B. Gallery opening snack foods will abound in addition to the presence of cupcakes. The party is free, and those under 21 can attend before 9 p.m. if accompanied by an adult.