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 Oct 31 - Nov 6, 2013 

Aural Fixation

Hocus Pocus

Jazz, doo-wop and funk for haunted house parties


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Editor’s note: I’ve inflicted my creepy taste on our dear readers for the past couple years, so this year, I solicited a mix from Mello Sanchez aka DJ Mello. If there is another human more obsessed with Halloween, I haven’t met them. Listen to her mix below or at

1) “Spooky” • Cal Tjader • Cal Tjader Plugs In

Spacey vibes-heavy cover of classic “Spooky.”

2) “Mysterioso” • Artie Shaw and His Gramercy Five • Artie Shaw and His Gramercy Five

Dark, swinging groove for creeping in shadows.

3) “The Creeper” • The Incredible Jimmy Smith • Monster

The Munsters’ cocktail music.

4) “Spooky Boogie” • Charles Mingus • The Young Rebel

Swinging swag for any ghoulish groove; it’s Mingus, after all.

5) “Dracula” • Gene Krupa and His Orchestra • The Haunted House: 20 Tracks To Make You Jump In The Night

Rollickin’ intro on an ode to the king of Halloween, the Count.

6) “Superstition” • Leon Spencer • Where I'm Coming From

Ultra-funky instrumental cover of the Stevie Wonder classic.

7) “Supernatural Thing” • Ben E. King • Supernatural Thing

“... So possessed by love,  sometimes I don’t even know my name.”

8) “Midnight Stroll” • The Revels • Beat From Badsville Vol. 2

Doo-wop takes a lyrical stroll through the cemetery.

9) “Cat Man” • Gene Vincent and The Blue Caps • Gene Vincent and The Blue Caps

Stealing kisses in the dark.

10) “The Wrist Twist” • Frankie Stein and His Ghouls • Ghoul Music

Wherein skeletons shake dem bones on the dance floor.

11) “It’s Monster Surfing Time” • The Deadly Ones • It’s Monster Surfing Time

Screams and rockin’ guitar licks for doin’ the swim all night in your gorilla costume.

12) “Eyeball in My Martini” • The Cramps • Look Mom No Head!

“Eyeballs! Eyeballs! Eyeballs, floating through the air!”

13) “The Haunted House Of Rock” • Whodini • Whodini

“The MC of the night, rappin’ to the tunes, was the creature from the Black Lagoon.”

14) “Screamin’ Ball (At Dracula Hall)” • The Duponts • Horror Hop

Halloween hip-shaker for all the boys and ghouls.

15)  “The Beast With Five Hands” • Groovie Ghoulies • Born In The Basement

Rockin’ love song for the beastly babe that you dig.

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