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 Nov 14 - 20, 2013 

Sonic Reducer

By M. Brianna Stallings

Circuit Des Yeux Overdue (Ba Da Bing Records)

Twentysomething Indiana native and former ethnomusicology student Haley Fohr launched Circuit des Yeux in 2008. Her latest release, Overdue, is a breathtaking slice of lo-fi experimental neofolk. The opening orchestration on “Lithonia” strikes a Postal Service/Andrew Bird chord, while perfect harmonies vein the woodsy, minor key “Hegira.” Guitars on the instrumental “Bud and Gin” conjure Tim Buckley or Nina Nastasia. Fohr’s is a precocious and melodramatic contralto, with vocals featured more prominently than on 2011’s Portrait. Her voice often plumbs the depths with a pained warbling androgyny, especially on “My Name Is Rune.” “Acarina” is a creepy down-tuned loper. It’s exquisitely painful, like listening to a trio of Nico, Yoko Ono and Diamanda Galás.

Tennis Small Sound (Communion Records)

Denver indie-pop duo Tennis follow up 2012’s Young and Old with Small Sound, the last drop of summer light squeezed from a lemony sun. Each song is clean, easy listening, polished to gentle perfection by producers Jim Eno (Spoon) and Richard Swift (The Shins). Singer/keyboardist Alaina Moore (Nina Persson meets Stevie Nicks) harmonizes perfectly with herself on “Timothy.” “Mean Streets” kicks off with a “Bennie and the Jets” piano line and Moore’s trumpeted “eh eh eh’s.” Patrick Riley’s deft guitar work, coupled with James Barone’s drumming and some sweet horns, gives “Cured of Youth” a breezy nonchalance. “100 Lovers” is 100 percent blue-eyed soul. Soft rock for sweatered hipster thirtysomethings, this is what you queue up on a Sunday morning drive to the growers’ market.

s l e e p d e p t h R F I I T V (Somniscient)

Burque-bred Ehren Salazar releases music under the name s l e e p d e p t h. His debut album, R F △ I I T V, seamlessly marries downtempo, drone and witch house. Dank echoing vocals scratch to the surface of “Clinic ’76.” “d e e p s l e e p d r a g” sounds like a dual tribute to Massive Attack and Angelo Badalamenti. “Miraflores,” “Lines and Roses,” “Riot ’80” and “Ecco” are damn near perfect electronica. Dense, trippy and demanding of headphones, R F △ I I T V teeters between a bedroom record and a psychedelic 1970s sci-fi film soundtrack. Note: The download features five exclusive remixes not available on the cassette release.

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