Alibi V.12 No.50 • Dec 11-17, 2003 

Ozzy Osbourne Don't Blame Me: The Tales of Ozzy Osbourne (Epic)

Recently re-released on DVD, this chronicle of the Oz Man isn't a complete picture of the Godfather of Heavy Metal, but it's an entertaining glimpse into some of the more poignant, pivotal moments in the singer's booze-soaked life. Beginning with Osbourne's less-then-ideal childhood as one of five siblings in a poor Birmingham, England home, Don't Blame Me chronicles Osbourne's exploits as lead singer of Black Sabbath through his career as an exponentially more popular and successful solo star.

With Ozzy's artistic prime mover, Randy Rhodes, already dead prior to the creation of Don't Blame Me, much of the focus winds up on Osbourne's struggles with drugs and alcohol, his various run-ins with the law and, oddly and refreshingly, his reliance on late, longtime drummer Randy Castillo. Current guitarist Zack Wylde also enjoys plenty of screen time, as does former Sabbath and one-time Ozzy bassist Geezer Butler. Strangely, though, it's self-described best friend and Sabbath drummer Bill Ward who has the most interesting things to say.

Part videography. Part rockumentary (VH-1 viewers will certainly recognize some of the footage contained herein from Ozzy Osbourne "Behind the Music" episode), Don't Blame Me is an often humorous, thoroughly affecting film that humanizes its star as much as it presents him as a one-of-a-kind character in the realm of heavy metal. Extremely un-boring.