Alibi V.24 No.40 • Oct 1-7, 2015 
Dweezil and Frank Zappa, circa 1982

Show Up!

Dust of a Grand Wazoo

Zappa legacy pervades this week’s shows

Zappa plays Zappa, Apricot Jammers return, plus El Gringo and Helmet.
Reckless: My Life as a Pretender

Rock Reads

Not Really a Pretender

Hynde’s human memoir

Hynde’s move to London and her success with The Pretenders is portrayed as one more step away from an injurious but somehow beloved past.
Courtesy of the Artist


Special Beat Service

The English Beat • ska

Here's a brief on a band with three names, but unlike Eliot's bunch, these dudes are not a coterie of cats. At home across the pond, they're known as the Beat. In the land down under, kindly refer to them as the British Beat. Here in 'Merica, we call them the English Beat. But no matter what you call them, this estimable ensemble that still includes founder and guitarist Dave Wakeling—but not vocalist Ranking Roger—was partially responsible for the upsurge in popularity that two-tone ska saw on both sides of the Atlantic during the '80s and '90s. …