Alibi V.24 No.47 • Nov 19-25, 2015 

Show Up!

Secretly, a Cool Place to Live

Diverse scene makes the case

Experimentalism, post-rockism, grindcore-ism and Little Joe y La Familia! Hey, ABQ is a cool place to live.
Weedrat (L-R): Adrian Burke, Becki Jones and Greg Yazzie
Hotvlkuce Harjo

Aural Fixation

The Year of the Weedrat

Band equals social justice, cats

“You came into my life/ and it became clear to me/ that you'd always be by my side.” “That song is about Ginger,” says guitarist and singer Becki Jones, gesturing to the petite tortoiseshell cat sleeping on the couch.


KC and The Sunshine Band • disco, dance