Alibi V.15 No.11 • March 16-22, 2006 


The “S” Word

Dear Alibi,

[Re: Feature, “Speaking Truth to Power,” March 9-15]

Unfortunately, it doesn't surprise me that Laura Berg got the unwanted attention she received from the Bush administration and the FBI. They are as paranoid as you can get and harken back to the good old days of McCarthyism.

When last I looked, this was America and one of the hallmarks of our freedoms is the ability to voice your own opinion without fear of retribution. Look at the reaction of just one letter, just one woman's opinion. They confiscated her computer and put her through all manner of indignities. They didn't have any reason to do what they did, so they manufactured one: sedition. Even that is a stretch but consider the source. We need more courageous women like Laura Berg. That is her God-given right as an American to speak out against the injustices she saw on a daily basis.

There is no sedition here, dare I speak the "S" word. The only sedition I see here is on the part of the Bush administration and the FBI against one of their own citizens.

Rochelle B. Ginsberg

Failure to Communicate

Dear Alibi,

How important is it to define new terms when we employ them? The governor says "Year of the Child" and the Legislature interprets it as "politicians dressed in pigs' clothing.” Perhaps the "man-who-would-be-president" was so busy raising campaign money that he failed to communicate his idea clearly to the lawmakers. How difficult is it to be the chief executive of this state? Is it a proper prerequisite for higher office? Do we need a special session or a matanza?

Sam Parnell
Tijeras, N.M.

PNM Moneybags

Dear Alibi,

When I called PNM protesting a high bill, complaining it was unjustified since we rarely used the heat, I was told it doesn't go by usage. If it doesn't go by usage, what does it go by?

Many people do not get high bills. Do they freeze? Are they special? Does Congress pay utilities? PNM reads my meter from a distance through binoculars. Is that an accurate reading? Does it matter? This month's bill states next month's bill will be an estimated $100 higher. At this rate, PNM will make me homeless. Is that their goal?

This state is making a killing allowing PNM to skin helpless people who have no recourse but to either become an Eskimo or to do without necessities in order to pay the rip-off bill. PNM also promised there will be no relief in the summer either.

Let's put an end to this heartless monopoly.

Ann Stevens

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