Alibi V.15 No.47 • Nov 23-29, 2006 


Dance with the Devil’s Lick

Dear Alibi,

On the subject of the poorly written and misspelled review by Laura Marrich on the “D” matter [”Music To Your Ears,” Nov. 16-22]. I don’t know what is more offensive? The fact that the one doing the review sounds like a naïve, googlie-eyed, hormone-injected teenager, or the fact that "Devilock" was misspelled by someone who claims they have been listening to Danzig since she was a teen?

I don’t even know what she is writing about in the first two paragraphs that has anything to do with little Danzig toys, leading up to writing about cheating on her boyfriend with aging rockers and then recanting about it. (If you’re the dude seeing this chick, be wary. That sounds like a red flag to me, sir.) I don’t care how long you’ve been kissing someone and I don’t want to read about it when I think I’m reading something about Danzig!

Anything having to do with Danzig has nothing to do with couples or Christmas or press badges or juvenile rock star crushes. Which proves once again women think only with their clitoris [sic]. And the next time you claim to be fan enough to sleep with someone, do some research on him or her and what you are writing about. Which proves once again, also, that all Danzig fans are assholes enough to complain about misspelling! You can knock out the Danzig, but don’t piss the real fans off.

And it’s not like this is the first time writers for the Alibi have completely screwed up their research. If you are going to write for a public publication, and especially if you are going to report on counterculture which is almost always misquoted, misspelled or taken out of context, at least care about the subject enough to write something about them or it and not about you! I couldn’t really care about who you would like to sleep with, girly Laura! And I don’t want to know or even be led to thinking what you are going to do with those Danzig toys (with their lil' devil’s licks) when your partner falls asleep or goes to work. In closing, “devil’s lick" will haunt my mind for the rest of my life. It sounds like a sexual position, though very fun, is not a “hairdo"! "Hairdo"? For crying out loud!

P.S. A Devilock is not a hair do, it’s way of life! What do you think this is? A costume?!

Nancy Downs


Editor's note: The mistake in question was not Ms. Marrich's; it was added during the editorial process. We feel really, really, really bad about it. Sorry.

All Joking Aside

Dear Alibi,

[RE: Ortiz y Pino, “Stem Cells: Separation of Church and State,” Nov. 9-15] Does Jerry Ortiz y Pino really believe that “public policy can't be based on just one group's perspective," or is he merely making a perverse joke? He appears to object to the Catholic Church's opposition to stem cell research, and says that the opposition of this one group should not stand in the way of such research. Is that so?

What is Ortiz y Pino's stance on—for instance—the minimum wage? My guess is he supports an increase. So does the Catholic Church. In fact, an increase in the minimum wage was endorsed in a column written by then-archbishop Sanchez in the Albuquerque Journal of March 3, 1989. While it may be true that a lot of other organizations support an increase in the minimum wage, it is also true that a lot of other organizations oppose stem cell research.

In fact, what about this denomination's entire social (and socialist) agenda? Jerry Ortiz y Pino probably supports most or all of it. Why is he kicking up a fuss now about stem cell research? Is it a perverse joke, or is Ortiz y Pino talking out of both sides of his mouth?

Steven Dapra


Millions of Jews

Dear Alibi,

I appreciated Jim Scarantino's Mark Rudd interview and his columns in general, despite the occasional letter of complaint.

Martin Krant's letter [”Castigation Nation,” Nov. 9-15] accuses Scarantino of “outright anti-Semitism," because he criticizes Israeli policy. This is as ridiculous as calling any criticism of U.S. policy "anti-Christian," and I'm always amazed to see people make that silly charge.

Along with millions of other Jews, I criticize Israel on occasion.

Jim Terr

Santa Fe

Big City Boom

Dear Alibi,

My family has lived in Albuquerque since 1880 and I love this place. The Grant brothers, who were my grandfather's uncles, were engineering/design subcontractors to the railroad and were part of the group that brought the railroad to Albuquerque and through New Mexico. The Grant brothers were very active in Albuquerque and at one point ran the city newspaper and also built an opera theater, among other things.

It is now 2006 and Albuquerque continues to be the great city it was destined to be! As a great city and like many of the most wonderful cities around the world, we need well-designed and efficient transportation systems to serve the public and provide easy access to homes, businesses and city amenities.

The proposed streetcar will be a valuable public amenity that will serve the city in so many ways. There is a transformation in American cities going on right now and a big part of it is the way we get around; we absolutely must provide efficient and well-designed public transportation systems. The streetcar is a great way toward achieving this goal and taking us in the right direction.

Richard J. Macpherson

Nob Hill Highland Renaisssance Assoc.

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