Alibi V.17 No.19 • May 8-14, 2008 

Answer Me This

Why was the sect leader arrested? How much cash can you make bagging on Darwinism? Why is one man saying the County Clerk's Office is a hostile work environment? Who did the governor leave out of the loop on his vacation plans?

1) The leader of Strong City in northern New Mexico was arrested

a. Because he says he's the Messiah

b. On charges of criminal sexual contact

c. On charges of illegal land use

d. Because he published creepy pictures of himself superimposed over clouds

2) A Santa Fe minister's anti-Darwinism documentary grossed how much in three weeks?

a. $6,000

b. $60,000

c. $600,000

d. $6.6 million

3) A man suing the Bernalillo County Clerk's Office says the climate at the office is a hostile work environment because:

a. He had his crotch grabbed by an elections coordinator.

b. He got dirty gifts including sexual lubricant.

c. He was never invited to any parties.

d. A and B

4) When Gov. Bill Richardson left the state to go to the Kentucky Derby, he forgot to tell:

a. Lt. Gov. Diane Denish

b. The state Legislature

c. His assistant

d. His wife, Barbara Richardson


1) B. Wayne Bent, who goes by Michael Travesser, was arrested Tuesday, May 6, on three charges of criminal sexual contact of a minor. Bent runs an apocalyptic sect called The Lord Our Righteousness Church in Northern New Mexico and says he's the Messiah.

2) D. Rev. Logan Craft is the executive pastor of Christ Church in Santa Fe, and his film took in $6.6 million, making it the 13th highest grossing documentary in U.S. history. The film is called Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. The movie was dealt heavy criticism by The New York Times.

3) D. Richard C. Espinoza is suing the office because, he says, a coworker propositioned him and he got nasty gifts. He would have been working under now Secretary of State Mary Herrera at the time.

4) A. Gov. Bill Richardson left town without telling Denish that he would be gone and she would be acting as governor in his absence. Richardson's office said it was an oversight.