Alibi V.17 No.49 • Dec 4-10, 2008 

Answer Me This

Who started a petition against Gov. Bill Richardson? What kind of punishment could be abolished in New Mexico? Where, oh where to put an arena in Albuquerque? What's the hot item for thieves this season?

1) When news of Richardson's potential position as commerce secretary was announced, who started a petition against the appointment?

a. Native Americans

b. African-Americans

c. Hispanic Americans

d. Chinese Americans

2) New Mexico could do away with this controversial punishment:

a. Waterboarding

b. The death penalty

c. The public shaming of DWI offenders

d. Solitary confinement

3) Where does the state think Albuquerque should build a new sports arena?

a. The Fairgrounds

b. On the mesa

c. Near ABQ Uptown

d. Next door to The Pit

4) What was stolen from a parked truck last week?

a. The truck’s emblem

b. The gas cap

c. The catalytic converter

d. All four tires


1) D. UC Berkeley Professor Emeritus Ling-chi Wang and several Chinese Americans initiated a petition. They also wrote a letter to President-elect Barack Obama decrying the possible appointment of Richardson to the commerce secretary position. The letter says Richardson, as secretary of energy under President Clinton, revealed Wen Ho Lee's name to the media when the Los Alamos National Lab scientist was accused of selling nuclear secrets to China. Lee spent nine months in prison before he was found innocent.

2) B. With the more Democratic makeup of the state Legislature and the likelihood of Lt. Gov. Diane Denish becoming governor, New Mexico has a shot at abolishing the death penalty. A bill calling for the end of the death penalty crops up every other year or so during the Session. But it's trouble for a potential presidential candidate like Richardson to support such an action for fear of being viewed as soft on crime, theorizes the Santa Fe New Mexican's Steve Terrell.

3) A. The Downs at Albuquerque is moving to Moriarty, so the state is wondering if the Fairgrounds might be a good place for an arena. The City Council is kicking around the idea of building a Downtown arena, but so far the idea isn't going over well with constituents.

4) C. Thieves removed the catalytic converter from a truck parked at Cottonwood Mall last week, possibly for the valuable platinum inside. Such converters can be sold for about $200, and their theft is a growing trend nationally. APD is contacting recycling yards to say police should be notified if catalytic converters start coming in.