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 V.18 No.4 | January 22 - 28, 2009 

Answer Me This

How much does a lawsuit say the state lost in another pay-to-play scandal? What's in New Mexico's cocaine? How much water did the citizens of Albuquerque use in 2008? What has a manager at a Hyundai car dealership been accused of?

1) An ex-investment officer says the state lost how much in a pay-to-play exchange involving the governor’s staff?

a. $30 million

b. $60 million

c. $90 million

d. $120 million

2) The state's Department of Health says using cocaine laced with _____ could weaken your immune system.

a. Dichloro-Diphenyl-Trichloroethane (DDT), a pesticide

b. Levamisole, a medication used to treat animals

c. Benzedrine, a stimulant commonly found in asthma inhalers

d. Maltodextrin, a food-additive

3) How many gallons of water flowed through faucets in Albuquerque last year?

a. 32.3 billion

b. 55.6 billion

c. 78.4 billion

d. 101.1 billion

4) What is a financial manager at Southwest Hyundai in Albuquerque accused of?

a. Giving away deals so crazy, he had to be committed

b. Selling methamphetamine on the job

c. Selling cars for much less than the dealership paid for them

d. Embezzling thousands of dollars


1) C. A lawsuit, filed by an ex-state investment officer, claims New Mexico lost $90 million in a pay-to-play scandal. The suit alleges members of Richardson’s staff pressured the state’s Educational Retirement Board to invest the money in Vanderbilt Capital Advisors LLC. The investment proved to be a bad one, according to the lawsuit, which says the state lost the vast majority of the money. The company later donated to Richardson’s ill-fated presidential campaign. Richardson denied the allegations through a spokesperson, who asserts the investment officer is a disgruntled employee making false accusations.

2) B. The New Mexico Health Department is investigating 11 cases of agranulocytosis, which can be caused by levamisole. Agranulocytosis causes patients’ immune systems to become so weak, they’re unable to fight off diseases. The department says at least five of the 11 patients used cocaine. The disease can be fatal, and the department says one of the Agranulocytosis sufferers who used cocaine died.

3) Albuquerque water drinkers used 32.3 billion gallons of agua in 2008. That’s the lowest per-person water use ever. In 2007, residents drained 600 million more gallons.

4) Police say the manager stole a car and more than $25,000 worth of down payments over the course of three months in 2008. The dealership got wise when the money customers shelled out was never deposited into its account. Police say the manager bought a car from Southwest Hyundai but never paid for it.


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