Alibi V.18 No.23 • June 4-10, 2009 

Answer Me This

A teen escaped from lockup—what was he convicted of? What happened to $16 million of APS' money? New Mexico's hungry get some welcome news. And who might throw a hat into the gubernatorial race?

1) An 18 year old escaped from Springer's juvenile detention facility. Why was he behind bars in the first place?

a. Grand theft auto

b. Being too sexy for his shirt

c. Arson

d. Attempted murder

2) What happened to $16 million in APS funds?

a. It was put into the wrong fund, making it look like the money was missing.

b. It was stolen by disgruntled employees.

c. It was used to pay for expensive conferences for teachers.

d. It was sliced out of the state budget by Gov. Bill Richardson.

3) What can the state’s low-income population take advantage of?

a. A new shelter for veterans

b. A free drug treatment center

c. The donation of several tons of food to Roadrunner Food Bank

d. Affordable housing legislation passed by Congress

4) Which politician says he might jump into the governor's race?

a. Former Sen. Pete Domenici

b. Senate Majority Leader Michael Sanchez

c. Actor Neil Patrick Harris

d. Speaker of the House Ben Lujan


1) D. Anthony Herrera was convicted of attempted murder before he escaped from Springer. State Police say he is 5 feet, 2 inches tall and weighs 90 pounds. He's from Artesia, N.M., and still has family there, according to police. Herrera was last seen wearing a gray polo shirt and jeans.

2) A. APS Chief Financial Officer Dupuy Bateman says $16 million was never missing from APS cash reserves. It was just put in the wrong account. Bateman compared the mistake to putting your money intended for a checking account into a savings account, then discovering the extra cash. Members of APS' accounting team tracked down the misplaced cash. The fate of the $16 million will be determined by the school board.

3) C. The League of United Latin American Citizens and Tyson Foods teamed up to donate several tons of food to Roadrunner Food Bank. The chicken, beef and pork will provide sustenance for thousands of hungry New Mexicans. Every year, Roadrunner feeds about 240,000 families, but because of the shabby economy, even more people are coming through the food bank's doors.

4) B. Democratic State Sen. Michael Sanchez announced on his Facebook page that he's formed an exploratory committee to look into a run for governor in 2010. If he does join the race, he'll face off against Lt. Gov. Diane Denish in a Democratic primary election next year.