Alibi V.23 No.7 • Feb 13-19, 2014 

Crib Notes

Crib Notes: Feb. 13, 2014

1) Carlsbad author Donna Blake Birchell has a new book out. Titled Wicked Women of New Mexico, the book focuses on ________________.

a) The exploits of Susana Martinez and Hanna Skandera

b) Mob wives of 1980s Albuquerque

c) Witches haunting the acequias

d) Colorful female historical figures

Queen of Outer Space still
Queen of Outer Space still
Allied Artists Pictures
2) One of Governor Martinez’ legislative priorities stalled in committee this week. This particular bill would have repealed the right of which group to hold New Mexico driver’s credentials?

a) Undocumented immigrants

b) Venusians

c) Texans

d) Jackalopes

A neighborhood Allsup’s store
A neighborhood Allsup’s store
3) Local education expert and researcher Peter Winograd came up with a new map that profiles _______________ in different metropolitan areas of the Duke City.

a) The number of broken-down automobiles

b) The distance to the nearest Allsup’s

c) Life expectancy

d) Walkability

Yul Brynner as the Pharoah in The Ten Commandments
Yul Brynner as the Pharoah in The Ten Commandments
Paramount Pictures
4) 20th Century Fox Television will film the pilot for a new teevee show in our humble burg come March. The show is called “Hieroglyph,” and it will be set in _________________.

a) A fictional version of Burque called Squaresville

b) The glamorous world of tribal casinos

c) Ancient Egypt

d) The Kirtland Underground Munitions Storage Area

The New Mexico State Capitol Building
The New Mexico State Capitol Building
5) With just over a week left in this year’s proceedings, New Mexico state lawmakers are still considering bills that include _________________.

a) Further regulating the Downs Racetrack and Casino in midtown Albuquerque

b) A formal review of CYFD policies and procedures in the wake of the Omaree Varela scandal

c) Stricter penalties for poachers who hunt out of season and kill free, beautiful animals for their horns or antlers ... while leaving the rest to rot

d) All of the above


1) D. Birchell’s new book chronicles the lives of “colorful characters such as Bronco Sue, Sadie Orchard and Lizzie McGrath,” who are part of our state’s “wild” past.

2) A. A bill that would repeal a 2003 measure allowing non-citizen residents to possess and use a New Mexico drivers license withered after debate in the House Labor and Human Resources Committee.

3) C. Winograd’s research shows that some parts of Burque have higher life expectancies than other parts of town.

4) C. One of the show’s main characters is the Pharoah. Whoa.

5) D. Here’s an update on the party at the Roundhouse.