Alibi V.23 No.10 • March 6-12, 2014 

Crib Notes

Crib Notes: March 6, 2014

Lobo Pitcher Colton Thompson
Lobo Pitcher Colton Thompson
Daily Lobo
1) In a Sunday afternoon doubleheader, the Lobo baseball team took on the University of Northern Colorado Bears. What was the result of the Bears and the Wolf pack tangling at Lobo Field?

a) The Bears took the first game but lost the second.

b) The Bears won both games.

c) Both teams ran off into the woods to search for bunny rabbits.

d) The Lobos whacked the Bears, 8-1 and 12-3.

Communal acequia in central New Mexico
Communal acequia in central New Mexico
2) Monday marks the start of what season in the Middle Rio Grande Valley?

a) Baseball season

b) Irrigation season

c) The season of the witch

d) Large poisonous spider season

Downtown Burque circa 1970s
Downtown Burque circa 1970s
3) Last week Mayor Berry briefed members of the Obama administration on ___________.

a) Why filming “Cops” here is such a good idea for Burque

b) How a Republican mayoral administration is good for the city

c) City-run youth initiatives

d) Steps toward maintaining a vibrant Downtown

Cthulhu rising
Cthulhu rising
Entropia Planets
4) UNM biology professor Randy Thornhill believes that culture is a result of what sort of behavior?

a) Religious rituals to summon the Ancient Ones

b) Gender-based work divisions among Neanderthals

c) Experimentation with fire and lightning

d) Disease-avoidance behavior

A car crash
A car crash
5) It is now illegal to ___________ while driving in New Mexico.

a) Text

b) Sing

c) Summon the Elder Gods

d) Play cassette tapes


1) D. The Lobos routed the Bears twice on Sunday, ending the team’s ursine encounter with a four-game sweep.

2) B. Eleven-thousand farmers in the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District began irrigation efforts on Monday.

3) C. His honor the mayor visited with Obama administration officials to talk up the city’s youth-based economic and educational initiatives.

4) D. Thornhill is convinced that disease avoidance behavior, also known as “behavioral immune response,” is important in the development of culture.

5) A. Governor Susana Martinez signed legislation this past weekend which bans texting while driving.