Alibi V.23 No.16 • April 17-23, 2014 

Crib Notes

Crib Notes: April 17, 2014

Interior of the Golden West Saloon circa 2006
Interior of the Golden West Saloon circa 2006
1) Which formerly glorious downtown music venue will soon reopen?

a) The Golden West Saloon

b) Beyond Ordinary

c) The El Rey Theater

d) The Fabulous Dingo Bar

Ron Cey
Ron Cey
2) A recent Cuban defector and Dodger infielder is spending the first part of this season as an Albuquerque Isotope. Who is he?

a) Alex Guerrero

b) Ron Cey

c) Carlos Triunfel

d) Miguel Rojas

A yak
A yak
3) A new restaurant on Central Avenue features __________ as its signature dish.

a) Bubble and squeak

b) Ramen

c) Haggis

d) Yak cheese

The Albuquerque version of Microsoft circa 1978
The Albuquerque version of Microsoft circa 1978
4) Last week ______________ was stolen from the New Mexico Museum of Natural History. The item was returned to the museum on Thursday.

a) A rather large dinosaur bone

b) Bill Gates’ chair

c) A wooly mammoth tusk

d) A diamond in the rough

APS headquarters
APS headquarters
5) Last week a federal judge granted a preliminary injunction allowing APS critic and local blogger ________________ to attend school board meetings; APS jefito Marty Esquivel and disgraced former school police chief Steve Tellez banned him from attending back in 2010.

a) Johnny Mango

b) Charles “Ched” MacQuigg

c) Joe Monahan

d) John Fleck


1) C. Open Curtain Productions will reopen the former Puccini’s Theater, offering rock, hip-hop and country shows.

2) A. Highly touted Guerrero, who recently signed a very multimillion contract with LA, showed up in Burque wearing an Isotopes uniform this past weekend.

3) B. Centrally located, O Ramen House is new to the Albuquerque restaurant scene and features noodles from California, yo.

4) D. A diamond was stolen from and then returned to the museum’s volcano exhibit.

5) B. The school district cannot ban blogger Ched MacQuigg from its public meetings, the judge said.