Alibi V.26 No.50 • Dec 14-20, 2017



Dear Editor,

Hey! I need help, its really urgent. Can u please write for me the review of serial “Treme” episode of ethnicity (S1, Ep.6: “Shallow Water, Oh Mama”). Its educational purpose? Let me know I shall be grateful. Waiting forward to get your reply.

Iram Rajpoot

via email

Film Editor’s Response:

Sorry, Iram. But we do not do requests.

Affordable Care for All

Dear Editor,

The millions of United States citizens who have enrolled in health insurance programs under the Affordable Care Act feel lifted up. Not least of the benefits they enjoy are the right to get health care even when they have preexisting conditions and the right to have their children remain on their policies until they reach the age of 26.

But some of us are looking forward to being lifted up even more. We want Medicare for all. We know that we citizens will be able to pay for the House bill, HR 676, through a small progressive payroll and self-employment tax and a modest tax on unearned income. We are not distressed because the top five percent income earners will pay an increased personal income tax and because there will be a small tax on stock and bond transactions. We know that this is an equitable way for all of us to pay for our health care.

Furthermore, we know that this bill and Senator Sanders' S.915 will save us current premium payers a vast amount of money by eliminating the high amount of advertising done by the insurance companies and the large number of people that physicians now must employ to satisfy the multitude of requirements demanded by the insurance companies.

Rev. Judith Deutsch


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