Alibi V.25 No.3 • Jan 21-27, 2016 


Why is Medical Cannabis Still Illegal?

In spite of hundreds of studies and millions of anecdotal reports proving the medicinal value of cannabis, powers continue to claim that cannabis has no medical use and must be prohibited.
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Robert Maestas


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Odds and Ends

Odds & Ends

Funny because someone else’s bus driving job is a drag. A drag. Get it? A drag!


The readers write about APD, marijuana and (of course) Bigfoot.


Black History and Community

BLM Black History March

          On that arc of the moral universe that we sure hope bends toward justice, it’s important that we celebrate and lift up our communities. That’s why the Black Lives Matter “Our Black History” march this weekend is all about community. Gather at the University Arena (otherwise known as “The Pit”) at noon on Saturday, Feb. 24, when organizers lead marchers through our neighborhoods to Dennis Chavez Community Center. Expect barbecue, vendors, performers, speakers and activities at the community center throughout the afternoon. All who support Black Lives Matter are welcome to this free event.