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I Saw You

I Saw You

KAFB-07/08/2013 Visiting -ABQ Jackbooted Thug (JBT) in Blue Pickup


You white haired, severe fiber deficiency, blue truck. If you /your fellow Jacbooted Thugs (JBTs) weren't committing every crime in the book from raping13 & 14 y.o. girls & women, murdering wives, running auto insurance rackets, hooker protection, looting your evidence room, running red lights & killing a 19 y.o. USAF member, you'd have the moral high ground to wave at me for going 4-5 miles over the speed limit. No accidents ever. No tickets in decades. Can you/your fellow JBTS say the same?

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Location : Albucrooked, Ki-Art-Land Air Force Base , New Mexico
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