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I Saw You

I Saw You

...a really good book!


When: Saturday, September 29, 2018

She saw me standing in line at a coffee shop reading a book and we kept making eye contact but frantically looking away.

I didn??t want to assume since she was with friends. It wasn??t until she walked right by me, smiled, and made direct and clear eye contact with her deep blue eyes that I knew she was into me and she said from a distance... ??that??s a really good book??. She proceeded to skip away with her friends and I scrambled for the chance to catch her attention once more without losing my place in line and risk looking like a desperate weirdo... but I only managed to catch a glimpse of her golden hair shimmer in the sun.

Immediately I knew I regretted not saying anything. I guess it??ll just be one of those missed connections.

I saw a: Woman
I am a: Man

Where: Zendo
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Location : Albuquerque, NM
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