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Blackbird Buvette

509 Central Ave NW (Downtown)
Albuquerque NM
(505) 243-0878
Mon-Fri: 11am-2am Sat: noon-2am Sun: noon-midnight (hours can change without notice)
Meals Served: BrunchLunchDinnerOpen Late

3.86 rating (36 votes)
The old home of Pearl's Dive has a new lease on life. Brainchild of local band The Dirty Novels, the Blackbird has been appropriately rock ’n’ rolled with excellent music, black-clad waitresses and a cool look. There are an impressive number of draft and bottled beers, and a few nice wines by the glass, which are fan-freaking-tastic on the back patio. By the way, "buvette" (boo-vet) is a loose French translation for "refreshment bar." Now you’re really in the know.

(Alibi Staff, August 11, 2010)

Community Reviews (13)
  • I just had a Blackbird Burger with crumbled bleu cheese  [ Mon Jan 12 2009 2:10 PM ]

    and I must say that it was quite good.

  • Other bleu cheese item  [ Mon Jan 12 2009 2:50 PM ]

    Their chips with bleu cheese are also very good as an appetizer.

  • i like  [ Mon Jan 12 2009 4:45 PM ]

    their crepes for breakfast. mmmm

  • I do not  [ Mon Jan 12 2009 5:02 PM ]

    like their chips with blue cheese. The potatoes are way too greasy and soggy and the blue cheese crumbles just tumble off. I would like to try their breakfast crepes, thanks for the suggestion.

  • they are simple  [ Tue Jan 13 2009 10:31 AM ]

    They are just simple crepes with fruit and syrup. If you are looking for a weck's style heap of food, this is not the dish for you. It's a lighter breakfast.

  • I like a heap of food,  [ Tue Jan 13 2009 10:35 AM ]

    but not a "weck's style" heap of food.

  • No Thanks  [ Tue Jan 13 2009 11:11 AM ]

    I don't want some greasy hipster that hasn't showered in 3 days cooking my food.

  • awww  [ Tue Jan 13 2009 11:20 AM ]

    That's mean. I work with these guys.

  • I had a bad experience at bb when they first opened  [ Tue Jan 13 2009 11:57 AM ]

    but they just opened. They didn't have their sea legs yet. The burger yesterday was tasty and I've had good salads there.

  • hipsters shower  [ Tue Jan 13 2009 12:37 PM ]

    they just try really hard to look like dirty greasy bums after they've cleaned up. They spend big bucks for that Urban Outfitter thrift store looking sweater and bumhead pomade.

  • bumhead pomade  [ Tue Jan 13 2009 2:01 PM ]

    Costs a fortune

  • hipster haven  [ Wed Jan 14 2009 4:31 PM ]

    But so I will say this about their food. It's not always cooked exactly the same.

  • Both the food and service are extremely inconsistent..​.  [ Thu Jan 15 2009 9:57 AM ]

    when it's good, it's good, but I sometimes find myself chanting "it's good to support local business. it's good to support local business. it's good to support local business. WHAT AM I? A FUCKING VIRUS?!!" as I'm waiting for service and/or food. At best, it's a great place to gather and enjoy good company, at worst it's on par with Maloney's.

    Last edited [1/15/09 10:01 AM]
  • I go there often  [ Sat Jan 17 2009 7:19 PM ]

    ......and it's usually for the food. Or the fact that they have a full coffee bar. No one (that I know of) will make me a coffee at a bar. Don't expect to snag a waitress when it's full. They have maybe two. But if you get the food, it's been good everytime I've been there. Oh, and it's moderately indie. It's an endangered species here. What's wrong with this city?

  • I went.  [ Tue Jan 20 2009 5:47 PM ]


  • greenley asked where I've been  [ Thu Jan 22 2009 6:02 PM ]

    And she makes good rice krispie treats. So I went and looked at some old topics.

    Come on, the Buvette is really not as bad as some of you suggest. It is missing maybe a couple of things that would make it great, but what restaurant isn't?

    I think it's a bit strange, hard to pin down. Maybe that's why there's the criticism. They've had no consistency in terms of staff and without a chef back there holding shit down, things can be a bit screwy.

    Fluffs - who has consistent service? I was a server and was not consistent, that happens.

    I say support these guys, they're trying and doing a pretty damn good job if you really look at it. They're young, local and very hipster. And they're rock stars. AND they have a good selection of boozes/beers. They're not a 5-star restaurant. But again, who is? They have more than eatable food, booze and coffee. And they're getting better.

    I like em.

  • Booze and smoking on the patio.  [ Fri Jan 23 2009 12:01 AM ]

    What, would you rather go to Maloney's?

  • yeah, that's what I'm saying  [ Fri Jan 23 2009 12:44 AM ]

    I say support these guys, they're trying and doing a pretty damn good job

  • Yeah, go there go's good...  [ Fri Jan 23 2009 1:25 PM ]

    I tried to say it was better than Maloney's. and jessed, I waited tables for 8 years and the service was good and consistent in my section. But don't get me wrong, if I'm eating in a restaurant, I don't bring anyone's attention to lacking of service or food. What's the point of that? If you're out with friends, you should focus on the good company, and let the rest roll off of you. That being said, this is a forum for discussing just these details, and I've had a couple experiences at the buvette that frankly revealed an attitude of exclusion and distaste. I still go there, and now that they know me, I don't have that problem until I get served by someone I haven't seen there before. Is that cool with everybody...if we give the best service to people we know? Hmm. I don't like it. If they want to put up a sign that says "members only" then they should do it. Until then, I would hope to be treated with the same appreciation and respect that I express to them.

    Last edited [1/23/09 1:27 PM]
  • jalapeno bottlecaps  [ Wed Mar 4 2009 1:51 PM ]

    I tried them yesterday and at $1.50 it was a spectacular deal. They're just what you'd imagine - jalapeno slices battered and deep fried, served in a basket with some ranch dressing to dip them in. Delicious.

  • I recently had their Jalapeño Burger and it was quite good.  [ Wed Jun 23 2010 2:53 PM ]

    They also have a burger with a fried egg served in a croissant. Their new fried jalapeño chips are different now, and arguably better, with crispy crunchy fried-chicken-style outsides, and bigger, thicker, hotter, fresher peppers inside.

  • Pretty darn good  [ Fri Jul 2 2010 2:35 PM ]

    We ate there just today for lunch. We were lookin' for a place that was dog friendly. Well, doggies are welcome in their back patio area and our waitress even brought our furry little friend a fresh cup of water. Dog Unit Iota also enjoyed a few drops of chilled Marble IPA (she has good taste in beer). Oh, and the hot wings.... WICKED HOT!!! Mmmmmm. Tasted like they use one of our favorite hot sauces (All Spice Cafe - Cayenne Pepper.) Make sure you have a cool beer handy to wash down the wings. Patio + smoking + good beers + dog friendly = enjoyable lunch.

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