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DEADLINE: The deadline for an online-submitted ad to make it into the print edition of Weekly Alibi is Friday at 3 p.m.

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*The Media Audit Report 2015 ABQ NM, International Demographics Inc. Houston, TX

Your Ad on the Web

Web ads are free, but you must be logged in to to place them. If you don't have an account, sign up for one.

Your Ad in the Paper

You can place your web ad in the Alibi's next print edition — reaching readers in the Albuquerque metro area — for $3/line.

Place the ad (it's easy). Make sure the "Put your ad in print" box is checked. Edit your print ad down to size from the web ad, if necessary.


Ads start at $5 per line, but you can get a discount for multiple-week placement, or if you log in first, a huge discount (ads are only $3/line). Sign up for an account (it's quick).

Web Features

If you're logged in, you can add a photo or web link and your ad in the paper will appear with a web-enhanced icon, directing newspaper readers to your web ad.

What if I don't have an account?

There is a login-free ad placement option, but it's more expensive, you don't get an instant web ad, you can't use any web-only ad features. You should really sign up.


• Real Estate ads must be phrased within the guidelines of HUD.

• Ads for massage must include LMT number.

• Ads for the sale of dogs or cats must include Breeder's License number.

• Ads for Adult Services and Adult Employment are not eligible for online entry. Call a classified sales rep at 346-0660.

• Alibi reserves the right to refuse any ad for any reason.