Alibi V.24 No.37 • Sept 10-16, 2015


The Art of Saving a Planet

A season for change

HABITAT: Exploring Climate Change Through the Arts is a season-long artistic initiative to open up dialogue about environmental issues. Here’s a preview.


The Visit

What’s the twist in M. Night Shyamalan’s new “old people are scary” thriller? ... That it’s a decent film.

M Night Shyamalan teaches us that old people are scary in The Visit.

Reel World

Dark Matters Film Festival scares up some films, Felicia Day visits Santa Fe, silent Soviet cinema gets scored.

Get Dazzled

“Moonbeam City” on Comedy Central

Retro ’80s cop cartoon “Moonbeam City” shoots its way onto Comedy Central.

Week in Sloth

“Longmire” goes to Netflix, “The Mindy Project” goes to Hulu, “Under the Dome” goes away.


Potential Hazards of Pesticides

UC Davis study may link poison to autism

The Bugman advocates that some pesticides should not be used in public areas without the knowledge of the public, and that pesticide applicators be trained in all categories for which they are re-certified.

Odds & Ends

It’s funny because someone else got famous (well, internet famous).


Hippie Chicks!

Sugar Magnolia in the modern age

Hippie Chick: A Tale of Love, Devotion & Surrender

Alibi V.24 No.36 • Sept 3-9, 2015

Mistress America

Baumbach and Gerwig reunite for some screwball sophistication

Indie director Noah Baumbach and indie actress Greta Gerwig reunite for seriously scewball comedy Mistress America.


The Furries of the Day

Bubonicon as history, history as Bubonicon

Just past its 47th year of existence, Bubonicon is host to hundreds of science-fiction and fantasy fans, authors and other members of a vibrant American subculture. This same subculture has recently drawn the notice of the media and the general pubic. Among the reasons for this: women, the LGBT community and a rainbow of human ethnicities are ascendent in sci-fi/fantasy culture.


Crib Notes: September 3, 2015

Get educated so you can pass this Albuquerque news quiz. Otherwise you’ll wind up with a job that you have to leave in disgrace when they send you to the big house.

Odds & Ends

It’s funny because someone else’s landscape was defaced.


Solid as a Rock

The Slate Street Café

Hosho McCreesh revisits an Albuquerque favorite and finds that it is still going strong.


Reel World

Glboalquerque offers film from around the world, Robots 3D hits the DynaTheater.

Dead Calm

“Fear the Walking Dead” on AMC

AMC makes more zombies with “Fear the Walking Dead.”

Week in Sloth

Should you spend this week watching “My Son’s Face Won’t Stop Growing” or “My Baby’s Got an Extra Head”? Relax. You can see both.


Holiday Book Shines a Light

A collection of vignettes and essays about Holiday’s life and what was written or otherwise documented about the mystery of Lady Day.

Alibi V.24 No.35 • Aug 27-Sept 2, 2015

But What About the Pizza?

Looking past the controversies at WisePies Pizza and Salad

Everybody has an opinion on WisePies’ purchase of The Pit’s naming rights. But have you actually tried their food?


Curfew Kerfuffle

The Council talks bedtime enforcement, noise violations and Summerfest

Our city leaders discuss curfews, Summerfest and more.


Sonic Reducer

Jewel finds space on the front cover of her new country album to share this philosophical bombshell: “what we call reality in actuality is our perception of it.”

Schoolhouse Rock

Alibi spoke with School of Rock owner Robert Montoya and guitar instructor/resident shredder Steve Civerolo about what to expect when the Albuquerque iteration of the storied school for the development of rocanrol skills launches on Saturday, August 29.



High-altitude documentary hits viewers like an avalanche

High-altitude climbing documentary Meru takes viewers to scary new heights.

Reel World

Supernatural musical Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival stops at National Hispanic Cultural Center, Bubonicon 47 talks movies and TV.

What’s Up, Doc?

“Documentary Now!” on IFC

IFC spoofs PBS with faux non-fiction series “Documentary Now!”

Week in Sloth

“Hannibal” ends, “Fashion Police” returns, the “2015 MTV Music Video Awards” air.


Bite-Sized Buffet

Edible news you can use

A roundup of food news from the city, including the rise of Green Jeans Farmery and a meat-filled jet on wheels.