Alibi V.24 No.51 • Dec 17-23, 2015

The Keepers of Stories

Wordcraft Circle celebrates and promotes Indigenous writing and storytelling

Wordcraft promotes the work of Indigenous writers and storytellers through a tremendous number of programs—from digital archives of oral stories to youth literacy projects to assisting people in their paths to becoming story keepers for their communities.


Davis Takes His Seat

New councilor arrives and other business at the Dec. 9 meeting

Pat Davis arrives, APD raises approved, breastfeeding legalized and more.

Odds & Ends

Funny because someone else wasn’t really the guy they were looking for.


Week in Sloth

“Luther” returns to BBC America, “The Soup” goes away, John Lennon has a “75th birthday Concert.”


David Bashwiner: A Theorist

Part II of the interview

In last week’s issue, Alibi interviewed David Bashwiner about his musical career with local band Cactus Tractor. On Friday, Dec. 18, at 7:30pm, Bashwiner's folk ensemble plays the Outpost Performance Space (210 Yale SE). Cactus Tractor describes themselves as “a seven-person bohemian pop folk disco (beau-pop-faux-disc) band with four songwriters, toothsome harmonies and a multitude of fun, stringed and unstrung instruments.” For this week's interview though, we talked about his work in music theory.


Farmery Forever

Community finds a home at Green Jeans Farmery

It may look like the world’s cleanest Mad Max encampment, but Green Jeans Farmery offers a modern take on “community.”

Alibi V.24 No.50 • Dec 10-16, 2015

Rocking a Candle

The rhythm, the speed, the shows!

A folky benefit for Red Wagon, heavy metal tones for Endorphin Power Co., Joe West and the Santa Fe Review, plus Obie Trice raps.



Weekly Alibi is here to help you finish off your gift list

You’ve made it through the first round of gift buying, knocking off the easy folks—the ones you know well enough that you can zero in on the things they want or need most. But don’t breathe a sigh of relief yet, because now it’s time for Level 2. These are the people who are a touch more removed from your day-to-day life. The Uncle Jacks and Aunt Marthas you see exactly twice a year, the in-laws whom you’re still trying to figure out, the co-workers whom you’ve got to get a gift for because you know they’re going to give you something.


Recommendations for everyone left on your shopping list

Jim Hoffsis reads every single book put onto the shelves at Treasure House Books & Gifts in Old Town (2012 S. Plaza NW). According to Jim, that's the only way he can provide a good recommendation to his patrons, whether they are tourists wandering in off the Plaza or long-time New Mexico residents. Jim Hoffsis runs the show at Treasure House along with his son, John. Treasure House provides readers with the very best from New Mexican writers as well as a wide selection of books on topics pertinent to us desert dwellers. John Hoffsis was kind enough to provide his book recommendations for all the bookworms on your holiday shopping lists—all of which are available at Treasure House, many of which are available at other local book havens like Bookworks and Page One.


Give the gift of adventure

Galway Kinnell wrote, “I love the earth and always/ in its darkness I am a stranger.” That only-human-for-miles feeling expands your mind in primitive ways and wakes up that sleeping saber-toothed beast in your soul. You are animal! You will learn the land and become one with it! ... Or not. Even if a shiny hotel far away from all things dirty and natural is your cup of tea, you still have to come up with a mind-blowing gift for that free spirit in your life whose idea of fun consists of pooping in the woods and sleeping under the stars. So here’s a dirty handful of last-minute ideas.


Gifts for the fun of it

The Holidays are a time for relaxation, enjoyment and, ideally, a bit of family fun. Too often, though, that sense of play gets overwhelmed in the stress and desperation of an ever-longer shopping season. So why not combine both? Here are some gift ideas that focus on bringing fun back to the holidays.


Because you wouldn’t leave man’s best friend off your shopping list

What do you buy for the dog or cat who has everything? If you're the kind of pet owner who lovingly hangs a stocking for your dog on the mantle next to your child's or kisses your cat under the misteltoe, you've undoubtedly added your pet's name to your holiday shopping list. If you're on the look out for something unique and like to keep your dollars local, we have some suggestions for your special friend.


The best gift of all

Near the end of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol—after having his past, present and future reviewed and revealed by a trio of spirits—Ebenezer Scrooge awakened, went to the window and asked a passing child about the day’s date. Of course it was Christmas Day; who knew? Scrooge then proceeded toward resolution, joyously bearing gifts and goodwill to all he encountered.


Back On Top

Swiss Alps Bakery returns to peak

I stopped going to Swiss Alps Bakery about half a year ago when I noticed that the “variety” on display was just the same turnover folded differently and labeled with a new name. But recently I went there with my mother and brother expecting much the same and prepared to write a gritty critique, but I was very pleasantly surprised.


Standing My Ground

A gun ownership fantasy

It’s the dead of night and someone’s in my house. I can hear his stealthy footsteps as he creeps across the living room floor toward my bedroom door, or worse, my kid’s room. But this midnight interloper didn’t reckon on one thing.


James Ginger says that while APD is complying with the agreement struck by the Feds last year to make crucial changes to the way it does business, he is at odds with the police over their lack of a use-of-force policy.


In the Heart of the Sea

Ron Howard spins a whale of a tale through choppy waters

Ron Howard’s newest, In the Heart of the Sea, sails rough waters while relating the “true” story behind Moby-Dick.

Reel World

Elf shows at the library, Polar Express screens at the museum, and Pajama Men return to make a TV show.

Space is the Place

“The Expanse” on Syfy

Syfy goes all-out for sci-fi with an impressive “The Expanse.”

Week in Sloth

Toy Story turns 20, Michael Bublé goes Hollywood, Adam Sandler gives us The Ridiculous Six.


An Interview with David Bashwiner

Pt. I: The Musician

David Bashwiner is a professor of music theory at UNM, but you might recognize him as the singer and guitarist for local band Cactus Tractor. The Alibi spoke with him to discuss the double life of a musician and music theorist and how the two roles affect each other.


Spaces on the Edge

Pop-Up Collective creates fleeting experiences in the city's vacant places

Albuquerque's Pop-Up Collective, which has existed in different incarnations for years, was officially formed in 2014 by locals Jodie Herrera and Angie Poynter Rehnberg. The group's explicit mission is to create one-night-only exhibitions that promote or utilize under-appreciated and under-the-radar spaces in the city and gather the community around art and other worthy causes.

Alibi V.24 No.49 • Dec 3-9, 2015


Odds & Ends

Funny because Dark Helmet’s helmet wasn’t much of a helmet.


Holiday Film Guide 2015

A Chipmunks sequel, a pointless Point Break remake and some more wars in the stars

A Chipmunks sequel, a pointless Point Break remake and some more wars in the stars in this years Holiday Film Guide.

Reel World

Santa Fe Film Festival ramps up, Jeff Berg chronicles New Mexico Filmmaking, “The Expanse” screens at Jean Cocteau.

Can’t Cancel

Nets hold on to underperforming shows

Broadcast networks are reluctant to cancel underperforming shows this season


Bite-Sized Buffet

Tim’s new place, Thanksgiving miracles and other news from around the city

The Portlandians are coming! The Portlandians are coming! And other news from the city’s food scene.


Swinging for Sensation’s Sake

Five concerts to shock and surprise

Synth rock/pop at Sister, Phantogram’s electronica, El Ten Eleven’s post-rock, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult and !!! (yes, I said !!!).

Bowie Plays a Dead God

If there’s anything predictable in this chaotic world we live in, it’s that, given the chance, David Bowie will do something very strange. Bowie upheld this truism a couple weeks ago when he released the music video for “Blackstar,” the first track we’ve heard of his upcoming album, also titled Blackstar).


A Stitch in Time

Colcha evolves as a craft while preserving New Mexican heritage

Colcha embroidery developed with the dense wool of early Spanish inhabitants' churro sheep, connecting art, history, memory and the natural world to create a complex, tactile chronicle.